OOPS Something went wrong!

I thought I had written a post and it turns out I didn’t. It turns out….I’ll be back next week. The take away from this little mishap is to STOP wasting time on what isn’t important. I mean sure I’ve got dreams-goals but I need to focus on one goal and put my heart into this 110%. That’s it! NO excuses!

I’m focusing on this blog. That means tons of side projects. More on this in a special surprise post for July 4th. A BIG thanks to all of you. Thanks for reading!

For now I’ll leave you with an awesome quote:



We are soul sister’s Georgia. That’s why I paint. I love this acrylic wash I painted. I’m obsessed with it!

Everything is Possible

Balloon Sketch and Watercolor Painting

I’ll never forget my 5th grade hot air balloon project. Maybe it was the process of using a balloon and gluing tissue paper all around it, letting it dry and then POP! You have a have a tissue paper balloon.  I can still see my balloon hanging from the ceiling.  Okay not exactly but I like to think about it. I can see see the decorated strawberry green basket. Yes that was – AMAZING!  Now I paint them!  I do love this.

Memories like this help you focus on practice and come up with great ideas.



Here’s a recent sketch. Oh MY practice helps so much!


Practice helps you improve your craft.


I’m going to keep working on the painting and the layout.

Everything is Possible

Paul Klee Inspired Watercolor Practice

Ever have an art piece start out amazing and…then all of a sudden… take a dramatic turn for the worst. Well that’s what happened here-happens often actually.


If at first you don’t succeed with watercolor, try again.

For some reason the words save this for another time rang in my ear. Kept this for a while and wasn’t sure why.  I remember this fabulous tip from a class.

The instructor said,”Never give up on on a piece IF you make a mistake.

Instead try to fix the painting and get creative with your tools. Another artist who creates with acrylic paint and wood said the same words. He said something like,” You  never know if the mistake can actually turn out to be something amazing. ”

I LOVE this advice. Come to think of it, it’s been the very something that makes all the difference.

I’ve been practicing color. Color is my favorite element to play with.  Add a new layer of  color that represents how I feel about this process and myself sounds good.


Layering created such a lovely texture. I tried to fix the forehead. Sometimes you can’t fix it all. But wait, I created this with all the emotions I was feeling. Not bad at all!

Everything is possible




A surprise post …YEAH




New Blog nameMy new address is myrainwonderland.blog.

I feel this name makes more sense. My art is a voice for my love and curiosity.

I’m working on easy navigation, easy read, a header and I’m just going to have fun with this idea as it’s a great representation of who I am.

….much more amazing art to come.

Everything is possible.



Pattern and Watercolor

LOVE the idea of using patterns and collage art to express emotion.

This project is inspired by works of Eric Carl and Paul Klee. I learn about artists and their techniques out of curiosity and to WAKE-UP the wow factor that kids have. I’m  inspired to do what I want with my art. Art can be everything you want it to be. Open you eyes the proof is here.

I’m using color and shape to express the meaning I want to convey.  Love is all of these emotions…like a puzzle all these pieces represent emotions-memories and people. I’ve painted many of hearts with this collage type idea. Each color or shape represents a section or emotion of the heart.


Here’s another one.


I will definitely use this in my lettering and painting quotes. I have this idea to create letters using vibrant paint and the shape of my thumbprint.  YES I will play around with this idea.

To think all of this started with a 5 minute sketch.


Wait I love the way the squares and rectangles are overlapping. Maybe I can borrow the collage process that Eric Carl used to create his wonderful caterpillar.

Everything is Possible





Go Mad with Watercolor Lettering and

…what ever lettering styles you want to create. I’m working on trusting myself and exploring everything that sparks my curiosity. In the coming weeks I’m letting loose!  I’ve even created a new class. I’ve done so much research and now I just want to paint! I just want to draw. Everything around me seems to utter the same sweet message: just draw girl!

I went for a walk and found this amazing letter c and had to draw it.


That led to other exploration. I want to use these awesome styles to practice and create my own lettering styles.



More… I love the backwards D. What a great play on the idea of going mad. More on this project coming soon! I love the wet on wet technique because once you add color there’s no telling what pattern or color will be created. I love the spontaneity and what an awesome way to represent the message Go Mad

More practice…

Next I learned a great lesson in a classroom of bright kids working on Mothers Day cards.  I still listen to the words, “I don’t want to make that card. Can I create what ever I want. I have my own idea! I’ve never seen a more creative bunch.  I want that spirit! I don’t want to let that go.


Everything is Impossible




Update on Live Your Love Story

I’ve been working on this poem. Had it for so long. I really wrote it to myself knowing there are tons of people out there who can benefit too.

Here’s what I’ve been working on. What color and texture do I create?

Testing various brushes and color… and yes I practiced on the back side of watercolor paper. That’s okay for practice but not good for the amazing watercolor textue you can create.


I had this idea for a rainbow layout.


I was stuck on the curve shape layout. I really love the color blue. I did some research on blue The color turquoise seemed like a fabulous idea. Turquoise is amazing and represents a communication between the heart and words. It guards against evil and is friendly and open, a color said to look good on anyone…..all the emotions I want.

Let me mix up the right color.


I took a bunch of notes and I wasn’t exactly thrilled with the rainbow.  Rainbows are cute but do I want the energy in my poem to be cute. No. The turquoise is on my mind and what a wonderful idea. I can’t let go!

I put on my favorite song and just practice the poem. Yeah “I got issues and one of them is how bad I need you”…. ooooh back to my exploration.  I edited the poem to simplify and add some fun.  My goal was to pratice writing the poem so there’d be less mistakes when I painted it for real. Turns this layout -I really love this layout that just happened. It has the feel of someting written on a wall for all to see..yes someplace cool like old town Brooklyn-just thinking.


Stepped away for a few days then I painted this. I used a pencil.  Took my time drawing each word as I wanted. I chose words that at a glance would emphasize live your love story. On the days when I don’t have time to read it I can glance at these words and know. 

To me this feels like something I could have written on a wall. One of those vintage walls with character on some island or cute little town.  I said this already but WOW love how this idea emerged.

Think of  a vintage building with all it’s character. The message or perhaps signage is all that’ s left from a once happening place. Maybe the place is still open. The point is the letters are slightly faded but still speak volumes of the place and it’s people. Yeah I believe that makes sense for my piece.


Will be working on the layout and the lettering itself. I love the backwards R! Keep watching and see where I take this.

Everything is possible