thoughts are things

thoughts are things



Today I sat down and edited my purpose statement. I’ve also been reading great books and the message is clear:

  • thoughts are things
  • think positive ones
  • people and circumstances at times will test you
  • have faith in what you want 

To allow yourself to be in a good place full of positive thoughts you need to be still and silent. This requires patience.  When someone  or circumstances test you, just let it go.  It takes patience to understand that this is only circumstance and better days are yet to come.  When you have full faith in what you are doing you wait and wait and your faith builds.  I hold art in my hand and I will not let it go. I ponder and walk among the trees with the breeze against my cheek. I feel the warmth…such warmth even on the coldest days.  Patience is a big part of faith. Patience had led me to all the wonderful projects I am working on. Patience has led me to this very moment in full appreciation for all who have helped me along the way.


Imagine all the impossibilities that are possible.

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mixed media painting, picture book side projects

Paint a pink tree with a Qtip

I have been thinking about the wise trees book and holding it in my hand. I painted and messed up, started again and repeated the process until I decided to just paint. That has allowed me to paint amazing trees.

Yes this page makes so much sense.




There you are walking along and all of a sudden there it is, a pink tree…



  • mix-up color using tempera, acrylic and just mix the perfect pink
  • maybe use a little watercolor paint with water and mix that with the paint above so the paint isn’t as thick.
  • then test out the paint color
  • mix a little of the pink with the brown to create an awesome brown tone for the tree trunk (I did mix up an awesome pink.)
  • then use the Qtip and paint
  • just have fun and add the flowers


I am having so much fun and Earth day seems like a great time to release my book. Sounds Good,

Imagine all the impossibilities that are possible.






thoughts are things

thoughts are things


We each have a path in life. This BIG idea that makes us giggle smile. I know it and everyone knows it. We begin this path and then doubt, fear and negative outside forces and people  influence us in the worst way. These are the curves, zigzags, twists and turns in our simple path. This weekend I have been literally contemplating my purpose–well not really because deep down I know what it is. I love working with kids but art and writing is also a LOVE that has become an obsession. I spend most of my free time drawing and painting. But then there’s these meanders. These bumps in the road. I’ll be painting and for some reason the painting doesn’t feel right even after I have painted the same poem for like EVER it seems. Then I hear the same words,”Grow up and how can you draw all day?”  It’s not that they want to hurt me but come on isn’t every idea or dream a silly dream until OH it came true That’s just it I simply want to paint.  The point is this is a meander. Do I let these thoughts bring me to a stop? No absolutely not! 

Here’s a poem  that sums up how I feel and great timing that I finished it.


Imagine all the impossibilities that are possible.


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picture book side projects

Wise Trees Indeed

Wise trees book

So I didn’t make my Read Across America deadline BUT I was sick and still am. I am slowly recovering and something AMAZING happened. After a long LONG  week I got out my paint brushes and painted. With each stroke I felt this charge and painted an awesome tree.

Tree Notes:

  • observe a tree
  • wait a few days and recreate it from memory
  • use the shape of size 10 brush to create the leaf shapes
  • using brown and yellow watercolor for the trunk makes the perfect brown
  • use tempera paint and add the paint in layers going from light to dark

Afterward I reflected on how I felt and literally jumped up like a kid who’s just been told he’s going to Disneyland  That’s how I know that I can’t give this art up. Art is in my blood. It just is. I can’t believe how easy it was to create this beautiful tree. Four trees to go, and I will be ready to scan all of them and start putting the book together . There I go again with a smile.  I see every page and with a deep breath and a smile I know it’s going to be awesome!

Imagine all the impossibilities that are possible.

thoughts are things

Thoughts are things


I think of the slogan fabric of our lives. So what is it that always holds us together and warms us. What keeps us comfortable? For me it’s art and there’s nothing in the world quite like it! I love a whole lot at that. Art is my freedom of expression, muse and love for my imagination and curiosity. 

Some of my pieces are mere sketches with ideas. Some are paintings that I have worked on for a long time. I hold on to these ideas like Linus holds onto his fabric…his blanket. The whole point is to create and share and to voice what needs to be heard BUT to do that you have to let go of the fabric. Let go of that big imaginary blanket of comfort that makes us feel safe. There’s nothing wrong with comfort. Guess there’s really two fabrics of our lives. The one that we need to hold on to and never let go. Then there’s the fabric that we need to let go of in order to grow.

The magic is where you can balance the two. As an artist you have to hold on to your fabric…your beautiful fabric be it a certain color or pattern even at a time when it’s dare I say it not in season. You also have to let go of the comfortable warmness you felt before because to create a masterpiece you have to put away that comfortable blanket and stand out in the cold sometimes…and that’s just it …if your blanket is thick enough you just create and you don’t even feel the cold.


Imagine all the impossibilities that are possible!







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picture book side projects

Wise Trees Book Layout

Wise Trees

This week I didn’t have time to paint on account of my nose wouldn’t stop running and my lungs kept coughing. I did have time to do some awesome layout work.

This idea popped in my head. I wanted to write this book for children everywhere and of all ages. I have been reading up and learning all I can to make this what it should be–a wonderful reminder that inspiration and imagination are where you choose to find them. Turns out it’s true that writing for one person is easier!  That of course led me to change the order and the story a little bit. The more I work on the story the more tress I add to the story.


mixed media painting, thoughts are things

thoughts are things




the definition of astral is to be connected or coming from the stars.  Everybody always seems to have there own agenda and I understand.  Everybody has a desire and a needs that needs to be met.

I realized that I can dream all I want or wish upon a star. But a dream is only a silly dream–the silly dream that most see until it comes true. For a dream to come true, your heart needs to be in the right place. Your MIND and body need to be right there with it too. It is easy to doubt and much harder to step away from outside forces and just be–BE OURSELVES.  What does it mean to be ourselves anyway? Is it the kind of person who walks among trees with the sun hitting against her cheeks. I dream of this book and I didn’t make it to the deadline I planned but I have made great progress. I love the wise trees book and for a moment I was faced with a decision. Do I really want to publish this book with my personal thoughts? I mean what will people think? Wait a minute there’s that ME. I BELEIVE IN THIS BOOK and the ideas and all the other books I’ve written. That thought is astral because it sure isn’t of this world.


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Spiral Tree


I went from this sketch   ( p.s when you’re tired of blowing your nose and your stomach hurts from coughing you don’t care about taking a perfect picture…but should I ever?)


Love Lives Here



to this painting.

Spiral tree

My goal was to create this place of mystery, growth, peace, wonder, and magic…EVERYTHING that love is.  I deviated a little thinking of details and color to express the notion of love. I have noticed that by chance…WHIMSICAL CHANCE I draw hidden hearts. The element of shape and color really helped me out here. Sometimes it’s hard to let go but you have to do that. You have to let and just paint. Eventually you have these I don’t know what that is but I love it or I don’t know what that was but I’m not doing that again.

Once again I see just how much it helps to adjust color in Afinity Pro and I should add more spirals.


Oh gosh I love the color and another awesome tree for the wise trees book.

Imagine all the impossibilities that are possible.

thoughts are things

thoughts are things


As an artist there’s this whole idea of seeking fame and dealing with the people who tell you to get a real job. You even doubt yourself!  Why shouldn’t they. I don’t know about fame but to earn a living doing what I love and doing it my way is WELL that’s my living dream. 

I had to face a terrible truth in my heart. I had to realize that my PRESENT for a long time was filled with doubt. I had the desire but deep down I didn’t have faith in my art. Yes I loved my ideas and I wished but did I LIVE IN THE PRESENT? Did all of my daily to-dos and thoughts dedicate themselves to this desire? No.

All of the ones who are living the dream ALWAYS BELIEVED and its as the words of the great Muhammad Ali said,  “I am the greatest, I said that even before I knew I was.” He also said, “If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it—then I can achieve it.”

The present may be a certain way but you must see the present as it is truly meant to be. The present is a gift! What you choose to think of it makes all the difference. Your present actions influence your behavior.

Imagine all the impossibilities that are possible.


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thoughts are things

Live your story


The greatest love story can be found within the pages of a novel, movie or one’s heart. Most including myself forget that the greatest hopeless love begins with self. I wrote this poem and it was my hope to have it ready for Valentine’s Day. It was BUT not like I wanted. I kept reinventing the wheel expecting an awesome layout and ended up more in love with the first design. This design feels right and once I change a few words it will be awesome. I can turn this awesome poem into a picture book!! Why then, do I keep reinventing perfection? Doubt I guess, but doubt in terms of what others will think.


I realize that in a real love story there is no doubt and certainly no perfection.  Okay there may be doubt but take away all of the outside junk and there isn’t any doubt.  It’s all the outside junk that fools us. It’s True!  I love this poem and this poem loves me. I can’t seem to stop writing it and thinking of ways to express how it makes me feel.

I wrote this poem for myself but I smile in hopes of all the eyes who’ll read it.

In the words of a wise man Feck Perfection! I just want to write this on a wall someplace for all to read it. I’m dreaming of an old building that needs new character.

The old design–the one my heart seeks the most.  I love the color and texture. Oh the words highlighted…what a great example of how love just happens. 

Make a note to test various markers and I’m gonna try this one more time…however many it takes.

Oh right– back to painting trees for the wise tree book.





Imagine all the impossibilities that are possible.