mixed media painting

5 Drawing Projects

This project was amazing. I am an up and coming artist. I put way to much pressure on myself to be perfect and want to make a living doing what I love, that I haven’t felt free to just let the creativity flow. This projects really revealed the following. I write and think about love a whole lot. I love nature and am always daydreaming about how everything is connected. I am connected to the world with its nature and animals and the emotions that make us all human of course. I drew all of these within 5 minutes and the goal was to just let your creativity flow and develop a style. If you want a try at this let me know and I will post the link here. I was just so excited to post my work for the online class on skillshare that I had to copy it here.

1 Draw Standing Up.  Wow this began this whole notion of just going with it and tapping in to the expressions and emotions that are well me.

Draw with Music- Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran  I simply scribbled and drew without any plans and then I went back ans stared at it for a while trying to make something of the shapes and swirls.

Draw with rotation  See right through the heart

Draw while blindfolded

I thought this was going to amount to nothing but out of no where the shapes became animals and … Do you see the hidden puppy. I drew an olive and then I looked at it and saw ears…do you see it?

draw while talking and watching t.v and listening to others.

I had no idea at first but then I made out a pink crayon, old record player, heart kite,

mixed media painting

Awesome Lessons Learned

If you know about skillshare then you know how awesome it is. If this is the first you hear of skillshare then please check it out. It is a great learn at your own pace free course in several topics.  Here is what I have learned in the Hand Lettering Course.

Step 1

Have a Good quote that means something to you. I chose Happy is here, there and everywhere.

Step 2

Brainstorm ideas by listing words or pictures that relate to your quote. Just jot down whatever pops in your head.  Who know where it will lead.


Step 3 Just do some sketching and have fun playing.


Step 4

Do some thumbnails.

1106141338 1106141336

Come up with something you like and keep on working at it till you get the desired look.  I enjoyed going through these steps and working on this. I would love your critique. I am new and these are just drafts and I have yet to finalize.


The happy ribbon is not part of the drawing, It was just another idea I played around with. So again I am just starting out and and self taught.  As I said I enjoyed this piece and would love your feedback.

I chose the font and this floral vine going through because I love nature and there is something about playing outside, going for a walk and playing with my dog that makes be happy. I wanted to capture this in my art. I think it would be awesome to have the Happy be decorated in a wood element to complete the whole nature theme. I chose a blue bird because they are beautiful singing birds and well what do you think?  Each project you work on takes time. Oh I went for a walk outside and explores the different signs in my area and looked at the elements at play like compositional hierarchy and contrasting colors.

I would love to see your work and have you critique my work.

Have a great rest of the week!

Step 2