mixed media painting

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas…

Merry Christmas everyone!

Here’s a quick thought. Wasn’t sure if it felt like Christmas yet. I was going from place to place and watching everyone trying to get the perfect present. People making plans and visiting people they have not seen in a while. It takes a long time, money and stress to do it all but…..here’s the big but it’s all worth it. My point is forget about the perfect meal, present and just be happy because when you are stressed it just doesn’t feel like its worth all of the fuss.  But you and your family, they are truly worth what this holiday season is really about. It is wonderful to give and see others happy. It is wonderful just to sit and relax in the warmth of one’s home and with every breath feel comfort, love and gratitude.  I must admit there were times today that I didn’t feel this way but then as I was watching The Santa Clause Story I looked up at the lights on the tree and then it happened. I thought yeah this is nice and this feels like Christmas.  I am going to make it my mission to feel this way everyday.

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mixed media painting

Project Update


So this is the latest for this awesome quote. I say awesome because the idea is one that I am passionate about and truly believe in. This is what I have learned: that this is my passion and I really want to dedicate my art to children.  That I need to keep on practicing. Wanting to draw a straight line and instead having it come out crooked is annoying.  I love painting.  I love drawing and their is something that makes me happy about the whole experience. Doesn’t this mean that I have found what I should be doing.

mixed media painting

Stamping Around Christmas Cards


  • green paint
  • kraft card stock
  • paint brush
  • optional: beads, ribbon, stickers and whatever you have to add some cute detail to the tree

some paper to keep the paint from getting everywhere.


Paint the tree. I just dabbled the paint until the stamp is covered. I added a little more paint to certain areas to get the effect I wanted. The tree by the way is a felt ornament that I got for 20 cents at a Target After Christmas sale.   I love doing crafts and so when I saw them for 20 cents I had to get them. Today this idea came to me and here it is.

So after you paint the stamp, quickly and carefully place the stamp on the front of the card. Make sure you stamp on the right side.  Press down hard but not too hard that the stamp moves.


That’s it release and let dry.


The great thing is that each card will come out different and that’s  what gives the cards a vintage feel. Like I said you just dab the paint and some spots will have more paint than others. I did take the paint brush and I filled in a few spots very carefully.  Want to try this? You can probably go to Target and get a similar ornament for $1.00. Or you can make a stamp from a sponge, use a cookie cutter to get an outline shape, or what do you think? You can have the kids make these. Oh they could make a set of four cards for different occasions and wrap a ribbon around them and what a cute gift idea! If you like this idea click on the link below or comment too.

Life’s Peachy

mixed media painting

Create An Alphabet…..

The goal here is to let my mind go and not focus on having each letter be an exact height and all that…just wanted to have fun and think about the font I will use to create my cards.  I love just drawing and letting go of using the eraser and everything else. When I am creating like this I fee free and more creative….makes sense. What do your cards look like? Post them in the comments below? Can you?


mixed media painting

Rudolph Project

So I have been learning about color and it was all about how colors conveys emotions.  An artist will use colors to convey a mood an emotion  much like a song. One of the biggest mistakes I have made in my art is to get so excited about a project that I don’t take the time to choose the right shade of blue.  The project was to listen to a song and identify the emotions and paint based on these emotions. I chose to do the Rudolph song because it is a favorite. So the emotions are about love, love for yourself, love for helping others, and love for Santa. It is playful, loving and victorious. Naturally I chose red and shades of red.


So here are a few views of my painting and yes I desperately need some water colors. If you want to try this out please go to skilshare and click here. http://www.skillshare.com/classes/design/Color-Workshop-Creative-Approach-Communicate-Emotion/1966904717?via=my-classes