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How do you become an Artist?

#This is can really apply to becoming anything you want to become.

SO yesterday I was watching this kid draw and he is an amazing drawer-future animator for sure. I asked him,”How did you learn to draw? He replied,” I don’t know I just started drawing.  I wonder how long that started. As you can tell I haven’t been able to stop thinking about this. It is so amazing how we are given this talent or this gift that no one else can do quite like us.  A very valuable lesson to always remember is that you should always practice your talent with love to become successful!

For the first time I digitized one of my works and it took awhile but I learned so much about how not to do certain things or better yet ways to improve my process. I know my work is not ready for sale so I am releasing it here as a way to express to the world that I want to become an artist. I want to put my whimsical thoughts on paper and inspire children.

I noticed in my writing, an improvement from the first time I began.


mixed media painting

Lemonade Stand Rumors…

FYI: I will be posting my thoughts with the above theme.

SO there she was teaching multiplication facts and became so board…then a a terrible thought overcame her…she can’t stand routine and doing things over and over again.   Could this be the reason why she sits on her dreams and takes forever to make things happen. I mean she has great ideas and does a good job of preparing but come on let’s be real. To succeed at anything you have to practice and practice and well hello, this involves routine. Even the greats of the great had to work hard every single day to make it happen.

The lesson here is that I know that routine is part of every success story. You have to work hard and sometimes do the same. Practice makes perfect and when you do something you love it feels perfect!

What do you think?


Oh I have been learning about artists and maybe I should post a summary of every artists I learn about. This week its been Van Gough and Leonardo da Vinci?

mixed media painting

Talk About A Confidence Booster….

So here is the hand letter project I was working on.  Thanks so much Eric for doing this class and helping newbies like me become artists too. I had my doubts about doing this because I feel like I practice and practice so much and wonder  ….but as I was doing this and other projects, I realized something. I have talent and I need to keep on practicing. Yeah this is not perfect but right now it is. I have many thoughts to share and inspire to the world and hand lettering and painting can help me tell my story. I want to write children’s books and continue on with improving my letters, writing and painting and this is such a confidence booster.

I have tons and tons of letters I practice….some say my collection is pretty crazy. This is a sample of the art prints I am working on for children….soon to be available in my shop.

Here is some watercolor panting practice….I love love painting with watercolors…you can really control color and just makes a beautiful difference.

I am going to use watercolors in the art I will soon be selling in my etsy shop…

mixed media painting

New Sketch

This is a new take on one of my prints that I love. What makes you feel like a kid in a candy store? Yes I want every child to grow up and make a difference but never stop feeling like a kid in a candy store. I have other sketches and will post more soon. I am planning to relaunch my shop on February 14.

mixed media painting

All About Creativity…


So there I was staring at a big white board and I thought what a wonderful opportunity to draw standing up. SO here is what I came up with. It is so interesting to see that through my drawings I express the emotions I feel and basically represent who I am? What do you think. Wait this is creativity and part of every artist.  I drew scribbles and then with a different color drew in enhancements for the objects I saw. Thanks Shantel for this wonderful class project!  I had fun doing this…..creativity is all about taking something ordinary and making it extraordinary, it is looking for a way when there is none, its improvising, its going with the flow but paving your own course……

If you want to try this then simply get some copy paper or notebook paper and just draw and let your pencil go and draw whatever comes to mind.

mixed media painting

See All The Positive

1222141602 0117150957a

Do you see any differences between the first apple and the second. I see some improvements.

-the word big is actually bigger and uppercase to play up the word big

-letters seem a bit more balanced

-letters seem straighter

-leaves are more proportioned

-I like the shape of the apple better

-spacing is better

-g’s are looking better- I don’t know why but its hard for me to draw a g

-the first thing one reads is change the world…this is the most important part of the message..I need to recolor the I will part too..i want it to read change the world I will

So last night I was feeling down about my art and then I realized hey stop trying to compare yourself to others.

These artists have been in the art business for years and they have drawn so much more. So no, my work isn’t going to be the high quality that theirs is…so off with the pressure. I know that my art is improving and that means I am getting better and better. All the projects I do give me practice, practice builds improvement and improvement leads to confidence. I am learning and next time I draw I will think about the mistakes I made and work on them.  Yes I see the positive! What are you working on?

mixed media painting

Life is a crazy ride…

an update to my work….well yesterday I felt down about my work. I submitted it to a contest, as part of a class project, and didn’t win. Then I did something one should never do…compare my work to the winner. Okay so I could have done this to learn and get better at my art but I looked at it in a negative way. I realized that I am a beginner and the winner probably had more experience than me. I realized that I didn’t fulfill all of the requirements to the best of my ability and this is my fault. I own it and say my dreams haven’t died because I didn’t win a contest.

So what matters to me the most? I want to write to children and inspire them…even children of all ages. I am working on finishing two projects and will post them here when I finish.  Isn’t success all about going over the biggest rock ever and not even realizing you did because you keep on going.


mixed media painting

Lemonade Stand Talk

0106151250 0106151250a 0106151252 0106151252a

From now on, the lemonade stand talk is going to be the little nickname I will give to the posts that are dedicated to my whimsical thoughts.

I love getting feedback from people so thanks for all of the likes and subscribers. I am keeping this short and sweet so I can spend some time on your blogs. I was cleaning out my craft box and found these hand made picture/notebooks. I made these and am not sure what to do with them. Anyway I found these stickers and started thinking about Valentine’s Day.  What else will I try! I have so much to do! I had this thought of going to a craft store and buying different kinds of paint markers and pens and just testing them out with my hand lettering.  To succeed you have to keep on practicing and practicing right.  Success is what you do and that involves working hard for the greater good.

Oh I am also working on creating a style and uniqueness for my writing tone on this blog.

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Just a Thought…

No matter where you are, you and I are connected by a passion. The passion may be acting, praying, teaching, loving, singing, drawing, cooking or fill in the black if I have left something out. We are all given this talent….an amazing passion that when done at your best can change the world. Some of us may have 24 years or 90 years to do it and the point is to really live. You can only do this by finding that one passion and doing it the absolute best you can.   I just may have found the best resolution for forever. Isn’t this why people succeed even on You Tube.   It is all about a connection and a profound passion that you share with and for the world. It is not about you because it never is. The only part that is you is that you have this amazing passion and you have to say to yourself I am capable of this and give nothing but the best baby…..

What are your thoughts?

mixed media painting

Change The World…


So why am I posting this picture, yet again? Well a new year brings with it a new chance, a clean start, new hope and call it what you want but it’s a new beginning. I keep thinking about my purpose in life.  I truly believe that my life means something…that I am here for a reason..to change the world..whatever that means is the million dollar question. So this brings me to the above photo.

I love this Johnny Appleseed quote art and something magical happens when I am drawing. Yes I am a long ways from writing that wonderful and practically perfect letter and sketch like I often see in a You Tube Video.  Wow, some artists make it seem so easy….but as I have come to realize, hand lettering takes a whole lot of practice. So I am dedicated to practicing my letters and my drawings so I can share my art with the world.   If you are a subscriber, you may have noticed that my blog name has changed. I have changed my blog name to relate to my new shop Little Lemonade Studio…more about this later.  Thank you all for reading and subscribing to my blog. I will be blogging more and trying to spend time on your blogs.

I have realized that I need to keep working on my art, ideas and practice practice. My goals for 2015 are to write a children’s book. I have roughly written a few book ideas.  One day they just popped in my head and wrote them down… never acting on them until I came across a skillshare class on picture books and well I have to try. Wherever this leads me I don’t know but I want to take that chance and need to spend some time working on them. I will continue and work on my classes in skillshare. I will spend some more time watercoloring and really ridiculously improve my art. I love drawing and I love art. This is my new love and where there is love wonderful things are bound to happen…..

What do you want to achieve? List it below.