mixed media painting

To live your dream…..

Here is a sample of my latest work. I have been thinking about my career and pondering this question that I am sure all artists have. How do you let go of the day job in search of what you really want to do? I love teaching but it is not my passion and quite sure it is not what I am meant to do.  Let me explain. I am a guest teacher and love every chance I get to read to them, see them light up when they learn and building confidence. The art and books I want to write are a great idea to continue this. I love art and daydream about the things I draw and write about…..so I’ve been thinking. How do you get to that place where you are doing what you love and you see the rewards? How do you know it is the best use of your time where you can make the biggest difference? People are enjoying it and yes okay you are living a pretty decent life. I have heard many say you need to have a really full time job other than what you want to do and then let it grow organically. Makes perfect sense but how do you find the right job that doesn’t consume you to the point to where you are not motivated to pursue your dreams….just a thought. For now here is a preview of what I have been working on an informal tone for this blog and some other fun elements.


Yes I love drawing with lipstick…not sure why but I do!


Went for a walk and just drew what inspired me. I cam across this beautiful tree that had barely any leaves and noticed how all the branches seem to emerge from the trunk and go every which way…perfect for my we are one idea…..just need to work small details like color and add a bit of whimsy….


a title for my book and a few notes:

My pitch is this: Bellisia is a bee who love’s life, is a dreamer and always tries to help everyone when she can. In school she’s not the smartest, or the best at playing volleyball but she has fun. When asked to become the next queen of the hive she panics and flies away but with the help of an apple tree and lots of help within she learns to believe in herself.

As always I’d love to hear your comments and please let me know what your dream is and what you are doing about it.  Every like is a boost of confidence and thank you to all who have done so!

mixed media painting

New Artwork…..


This is one of my hand lettered drawings that I thinking of selling in my shop. I love the colors and just wanted to capture the essence of what it means to be a kid. It is wonderful to enjoy to enjoy life’s simple pleasures no matter how young or “young” we are.

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mixed media painting

Gossip At The Lemonade Stand…

so I had a totally unexpected day today…I made a mistake and felt terrible about it and then what do you know I was having trouble trying to overcome it and then I came across a blog post that was all about owning your mistakes and overcoming them. Sometimes life works out that way.

mixed media painting

Art Updates….

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0226151335a 0226151336Just some art I am working on. This is part of the pact I made with myself. I need to get out there and just practice.  I love love the last ongoing project: trying to create the vibrant colors that I have created using Adobe Kuler.

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