mixed media painting

First Creative Challenge-Retry

Hey I am at Disneyland tonight! So your fist challenge is to take the letters of the world…

Disneyland and make as many words as you can using only the letters in the word Disneyland.

I’ll give you a few…

land, Sidney, and how many more can you come up with? Have fun. I’ll be doing a creative challenge every Sunday along with fun lemonade talk about life and so please be sure and join me if you want more challenges.

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mixed media painting

Flowers Are My Friends…


I am working on painting what I feel and I had come from a walk with my dog and just loving life.

I will be painting it a few times more.

mixed media painting

StoryBoard and New Art


This is a storyboard for the picture book I am writing. If you know of any contests or online publishing sites please email me thanks.

New art

I love the way the bottom one looks-color and all. I am working on this hand lettering style.


mixed media painting

Let’s Explore

I have big dreams for this blog and yes still working on my painting, lettering and redoing this site including these terrible pictures. I will get it right. Watch me!

mixed media painting

Hand lettering Project

The goal was to take my favorite animal draw a piece that draws from this inspiration. This is the family dog Roxy. I do love her!40872_1553615555177_1915397_n

Next brainstorm

0612150654 0612150654a

I basically came up with some words that describe Roxy and how I can express this in different ways. I played around with color, pattern and words and yes we both love nature.


There you have it and the flower, by the way, is another flower practice. I have been working hard and practicing a lot since I am a home and school’s out.  I am currently working on relauncing my etsy shop where all of my art will be available for sale. I am thinking of giving some away. I am also redoing my blog. I want it it to be ads free and really incorporate the brand Little Lemonade studio-the brand I will be launching.  Starting Sunday I will be posting a creative challenge in an effort to boost my creativity. I will be posting these every Sunday and every Wednesday I will be posting some of my projects. I am still working through the details. Please be sure and subscribe to my blog. I have some great ideas planned. Thanks!

mixed media painting

Layout and Design

Learning all about this layout and here is what I have learned.

In the early 1800s there wasn’t much competition and the product was the main focus. Then gradually it is the idea, a lifestyle and day in the life rather and branding. Now I think its more about character, personality and appealing to the individual experience.

I really love the Coca-Cola because they connect with anyone, are carefree and just about enjoying life. This is the style I want to persue in my art. I really love the Pear Soap. I love the somewhat simple yet detailed work.  I really love the playful vibe and the letters in the lithograph ad as well. I really love a vintage feel. This is the style I seem to me realy drawn to and want to use in creating my style of art.

I am working on a project and these are some layouts I love and was just taking notes of the letterforms, layout and what I like about them.

Ideas for my art:

Style: vintage

Mood: fun, sweet and colorful

Details: nature, hearts in small ways, monochromatic shades

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mixed media painting

Working on my book


This tale begins in the

bliss of a beautiful


Every size, shape and shade

was splendid. Every bee

had a big job even the smallest

of the small Bellisia.

Bellisia was selected to

be the next queen but she had


I am working on this book idea and originally it was for a skillshare class but I can’t stop working on it and need to publish it. The above is what would be the firs 2-3 pages.

mixed media painting

Just a little note…I have made a few changes and have noticed that Sunday is a popular day to post so I will be posting on this day. I am working on tons of projects and look forward to sharing with you. Oh congrats to all the graduates out there!