mixed media painting

Creativity – Words

Take a word and draw it different ways. It doesn’t matter what you come up with just draw what comes to mind. Then take a look at it and see what you like and don’t like. 0807150927a

mixed media painting

Harvest Hand lettering

So I can’t believe these times are among us. To tell you the truth I already feel like celebrating Christmas. Anyway I took a recent trip to Joann’s and I say some really great Harvest decor. I thought why don’t I do a Harvest Hand lettering Series. I am going to start working on hand lettering themed pieces. I am thinking candy letters, lettering on a pumpkin, new quotes with a you guessed it Harvest and Halloween theme.  Haven’t worked out all of the details yet but I am so exited about it and be sure to subscribe so you won’t miss a thing. This will probably be a theme for my creativities starting in September. I am not sure about the date.



mixed media painting

Creativity- Hand Draw Your Favorite Song


Okay so all you do here is think of song that you just can’t seem to stop thinking about and write it. What emotion do you feel? Why is it your favorite song? Remember to have fun.

FYI this is a song that was featured in a movie that I really liked and the lyrics are good.

mixed media painting

Creativity – Scribble Art


Okay so why am I showing you this…pretty brave of me but here goes.  I put on a song- Querro Ser by Amaya Montero. This means I want to be and some of the lyrics in English are as follows.  I want to be a free soul, serene and clear. I want to be the verb can…

I learned about this type of scribble art through a skillshare class. You draw and let yourself go without thinking of what you are doing. Put on a song and scribble. Then after the song is over look at it and just piece together what you see. This is what I did and then I added some words from the song.

mixed media painting

Fear is the opposite of creativity…

Yes it sure is. I have been listening to this new podcast…well new to me! Here is the link…https://unmistakablecreative.com/

I listened to the one featuring Seth Godin.  He said some words that just made me feel so different…vulnerable and powerful… no excuses.

“If you are sitting there thinking how do I know if I will succeed. If you are asking this question then forget it because you have already lost”

Every time you are distracted and don’t feel like it or aren’t in the mood that is fear talking.

To conquer fear give it a name and recognize it. When it shows up dismiss it.

The real question is What is education for?

Please check out these candid conversations.

Go on listen and then create a hand lettering piece. I’ll post mine in a few days!

mixed media painting

Why do I post art that isn’t my best…creativity lesson


This was an entry as part of a journal entry for my 30 day art journal. I do with all of my heart want to be an artist! I hear that you should share your best work with others and doing other wise can put too much pressure on me. I suppose this is true but…I do if for a reason. To show the world my story of practice and hard work. That to become an artist or any success as you define it, you have to work hard and put in much effort. How ever hard you think you have to work you have to work even harder. You have to step out of your comfort zone. I am taking this plunge and showing you my work. I love my ideas and my lettering needs work but who cares. I believe in my work and I am doing this for the love of it. So this week I want you to do the same. Think about what you loved doing as a kid? Was it drawing, painting, playing outside? What? Just create it as best you can. Make something today even if it sucks. These aren’t my words but from another wonderful artist. These just ring out loud and clear. Everyone sees success and they forget that they are people too just like you and me. The cry, hurt, sweat and feel fear. They were there once upon a time struggling to make it! Their art was terrible and discouraged in the beginning but now they are successful because they stuck with it and kept going!

This week just draw something. Think about your childhood days and what you loved and just color it, paint it and so on.

mixed media painting


So you may have seen some changes. Change is good and I just want to say that I have been doing the honest heart breaking part of critiquing my own work. I have gone through and have been able to make several changes on spacing, design layout, color, and overall improvement with letters. Here is what I mean. 1222141602


I posted this a few days ago but really had to create this post as a pick me up not to give up. I love the tree idea, heart leave and the words…I was going for the engraved look on a tree. I thought this was reminiscent of something we did as children. Not sure I did it though? I am excited for the amazing ideas I came up with the other day. Some really fun ones to create lettering with texture. No worries I will share them here. I had no idea I had such fun lettering around the house and it just made me very happy…I feel like I am on the road to something that I want to pursue the gift I believe I may have been given. It sounds a bit crazy but yeah I think this is it.  I know I have a long way to go and for some reason when I find myself doubting I get this fabulous idea that excites me and keeps me going. What are you working on?

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mixed media painting


I was excited about this idea but now I look at it a a reminder of the hard work ahead of me. I want to become an artist. I want to share my words with the world. It is play and imagination…let it take you where it will.

mixed media painting

Creativity…Make A Zine

What is a zine? It is a self-published little book about anything you want. Here’s mine unfolded.

A Few Of My Favorite Things...

What you need?

Standard sheet of paper-printing paper.

pencils, markers. crayons, lipstick whatever you want to use

Fold your paper like mine and just start working. First number your pages then get creative.

For Ideas

My favorite things

the colors of the rainbow

Reasons for doing something- education

or not to do something-driving drunk

Whatever you choose.

I will be starting an instagram where we can post our projects for all to see and get inspiration. If you are interested please click the like button.


Oh here is my final piece.

A Few Of My Favorite Things...