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Fall Hand Lettering Starts October 1st


For 30 days I will be doing what I love and that’s a whole lot of hand lettering. I will doing some fun inspiring projects and activities all in the name of hand lettering…which is my new hopeless love.  My theme will be fall inspired including Halloween and Thanksgiving. Get yourself some candy corn and pumpkin flavored whatever and enjoy! Be sure and subscribe so you can get in on the fun! Ooh I wonder if the the pumpkin spice oreos are good?

In a few days I will be posting a reminder along with some fun supplies I am going to be using! So for the first days or five we will be looking at some hand lettering examples and learning some quick details to get the creative juice flowing. This will give me time to start on some projects and start sharing those.

mixed media painting

Okay so a few more days till the Fall Lettering Challenge Begins….

I am so excited and once again my class is up and running today! Here is the link if you are interested. http://skl.sh/1iFKjMi

I hope you enjoy and I have so much planned for the Fall Lettering Challenge. I’ll be hand lettering pumpkins, making decor and table signs. I am going to be doing some finger painting lettering and so much more. Oh I am pulling out some old designs I did in illustrator like cards and redoing them by hand….stay tuned!

Oh here’s the link to my class:


The class walks you through all of the steps to create your own journal.  You can subscribe to my blog and follow along with this special fall theme. If all goes well I will be doing a holiday theme. I may create a new class for this. Sounds like fun!

mixed media painting


I did it everyone and I learned not to give up! Okay I have learned this before but wow what a kick in the butt.  I did I don’t know how many retakes and frankly I am sick of looking at a screen right now. I am proud of my class. I know that I will look back and see all these I wish I did this or that but its good enough. I think its a great time to settle down with my latest read: The Alchemist    Oh I wanted to share the link in case you

are interested. http://skl.sh/1iFKjMi. Just click on the link and you can earn yourself a free month of skillshare. There are tons of awesome classes.

Don’t forget my Fall theme hand lettering series kicks off October 1st!

mixed media painting

Exciting and New!

I wanted to let all of you know about the up and coming happenings around here. I an launching a 30-day creative hand lettering series starting October 1st. It will be a fall theme including Halloween and Thanksgiving. I’ll be covering hand lettering topics like design, layout I’ll be posting daily and I am finishing up my work on a skillshare class.

If your are interested please be sure and subscribe!

mixed media painting

So I ‘ve been thinking…Creative Challenge

about my art and how to get better at it. I have been reading The Merchant Of Venice Play. I have been looking at some of my favorite artists like Raphael. Oh and trying my hand at graffiti art-on paper of course. I have been having fun doing the unexpected and even creating a class on a 30 day art challenge. I will soon be starting the 30 day hand lettering series on a Fall theme. Please subscribe and Happy Weekend!

Experiment with some great tools, learn about a new artist,oh I read an awesome book about the artist. I will share my lessons from this week next week.

mixed media painting

Labor Day…

Every success story includes hard work. Sometimes hard work can be routine and that can get boring. How do you stay motivated? You just do. Here’s what I’ve learned:

-Give fear a name and when it shows up get rid of it

-change it up with new tools I draw with lipstick and nail polish sometimes

-play with some old favorites like crayola products

  • most importantly do it with heart

mixed media painting

Hand Lettering Day#5


Love the one on the right. It has this roots tree style to it. What a great idea for some of my work. I love nature and use it as a form of expression in my art. I have been working on that and this was just a reminder to get back to that. The one on the left is a bubble letter. I am thinking so much lately on the style I loved drawing as a kid. I believe every artists has a point where art was always there and its only a matter of time before it find you again. That to say if you choose to ignore it. I think you can ignore it but it has a way of finding you!

Okay o we are going to wrap things up with one more awesome lesson and then get right into some fun projects.

mixed media painting

It’s My Party And I’ll…

Cry happy tears if I want to… yes today is my birthday. I am loving loving life. Okay so the picture I had imagined for this birthday doesn’t exactly look like I imagined it but… I did some painting last night and realized something important. I didn’t use a pencil to sketch. I just tested out various brushes. I was carefree and jut drew. Wrote different words some of conversation that was happening around me at that moment.

Here they are



This is the first time I painted letters this way and I loved it. I think of what it will look with tons of practice. Yeah I think I finally figured out what I want to do and maybe answer the question. What is my purpose in life? I love writing and thinking about my purpose. Why not combine that with the thrill I get when I hold a paint brush in my hand and create what I want.  I am a hand lettering artist. That’s worth celebrating!

Oh quick update…I will be decorating a pumpkin, hand lettering projects, maybe using pumpkin seeds or candy corn to build letter forms and so on. Oh and hand lettering from my favorite place of course Disneyland.

Be sure and subscribe so you won’t miss. I will be listing daily from September 30 through Halloween. I am not quite sure on the days. I am still working out the details.

mixed media painting

Sketching Update…

Lessons I am learning coming soon!

Sketching Phase

I am a beginner and it help to take the pressure off by listening to music and adding color to my designss. I love to just draw and…something I do for fun and this just helps me do this.

I like 2 but need to wkr on the thickness and curving the letters or rounding them. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

mixed media painting

This is my latest Project….

An important rule in every dream is to fake it till you make it.  This is my first project.  I will post more updates.

I decided to do this restaurant that has closed its doors. I am pretending that they have commissioned me to create a new logo that represents all the history and good times at this place. It has been open since the 70s and since a year ago they closed for good.

You can see the sign on the door in white paint. Yes I miss this place.

the sign is vintage, personal, simple and playful much like the place.

I had a fabulous time at the library. I looked through music and sports steams books. I was oohing and  awhing and then it happened…I realized that I am officially a letter nerd as they say…yeas again I realize this.  I am hopeless devoted to letters. Yeah its corny but its the truth and this is what I need to be doing.

love the dot and the letters!

I loved this and it just spoke to me…I feel weird talking this way but you probably get it. I love love the play on the swirls? Its like the wind blowing through my hair…I’m easy breezy….

This is a women’s basketball.

Exposing yourself to different areas really is amazing and inspirational…its a whole new world!

Again love the play on words….the crown and the name I love the script too…so pretty

Love love the gear on double duty with the G. I really and fascinated with this.

This is just so playful and so cute….makes me think of my audience. Whalers is the name of the audience.

reminiscent of disco inferno I guess. I really love love the thick script….I seem to be fascinated with thick any kind of thick letters. I used to draw these bubble letters when I was a kid and never thought of doing for a living….I guess I did but thought hey artist’s starve and I can’t make a living drawing?

One more taken form a magazine.

So there you have it! I guess I learned once again that hand lettering is my art…my love that I can’t let go of and want to keep working at it! I feel like I have too! I want to redesign the logo…just modernize it a bit but keep the elements of personal, simple and playful.   I have learned that I love thick letters most of all and the vintage type of lettering. I can’t stand type that looks too perfect.

Okay now I need to take a step back and think about my designs.