mixed media painting

Fall Lettering #31

Thinking about the little kids who anticipate the evening and with such smiles prepare to say trick or treat or just be their super hero for the day…


I doodled it in a bit of a hurry as I didn’t want to forget the idea. I used to love creating costumes from stuff around the house…we should never stop playing.

mixed media painting

Fall Hand Lettering #30

This goes with play…you can’t play unless you have cool tools to play with.

Get out there and what ever you think you should use…USE IT.


I forgot I had these.


love the finger painting.  I recently tried adding salt and bleach to my watercolor for some cool texture…it was great working with something new and waiting to see what would happen.

Watercolors, 16 Assorted Colors Crayola® 53-0160 CYO530160 530160 ...

Love working with crayola paint…and I did work with the markers but I just have a hard time doing what I want with them. I will give it one last try before I decide to part ways. These paints aren’t as easy to blend or pigmented as cottman and the Academy magenta I have but they allow me to play and save me the worry of wasting a $50 set.

mixed media painting

Fall Hand lettering #29


You will have these overnight success moments. You really will. When you practice and practice all of a sudden you will see progress. Yes I posted this project because I am so proud of it.

mixed media painting

Fall Lettering #28

Get creative and find new ways to learn.

I created this for a watercolor class.  Here’s a link to my full project and the class. Part of being a good hand letterer is understanding what you are going to and how you are going to say it. Color is a huge part of this. I practiced some great exercises in precision. This is a new and fun way to change it up and learn!

mixed media painting

Fall Lettering #27

As I complete this challenge I want to share a few more projects but reflect on a wonderful 30 days.

The first most important lesson of all is to play! Yes that is it! I remember drawing as a kid and I didn’t care what I drew or how it came out. I just drew and was proud of it. When I started or when I do cards I always get nervous because my expectations are high. You know what I that’s not when I create my bet work. My best work happens when I am just drawing…makes sense.

When I created this hand lettered piece it was all about me and having fun expressing my idea…
but when I painted it oh my I used the wrong brush and it just came out terrible. I put pressure on myself and was looking for approval and perhaps validation as an artist. I am sharing this because who cares I have learned a valuable lesson about why I draw. Its not about validation or making money. Yes I do want to make a living at this but its not my drive.
more lessons to follow

mixed media painting

Fall Hand dLettering #26



Yeah the quality of pictures isn’t good but its good enough to share my ideas. I had fun and am beginning to uncover the hidden talent just dying to be heard to imagine, dream and play…that is what I feel when I am creating and why not share this with others. This is my mission and I will achieve it. I have grown much more and and excited for all the other ideas I have yet to uncover.  Thank you for all of the likes and new subscribers. I appreciate it. I do this because it remove my comfort zone in a sense. In the last week of this challenge I will focus on lessons learned and a few more good projects.

mixed media painting

Fall Hand Lettering #25 Part 2


I usually do a series of sketches but for some reason this idea just popped in my head and I am not sure where it came from but I love it. The idea is this pop-up theater where guests can read fun Halloween and fall themed books.  This is the front part of the invite and the back part would have all of the festive information and party details.



I want to emphasize these words and  I can redraw these words on a much larger scale for sinage. -specifically the play, eat and smile

mixed media painting

Fall Hand Lettering #25 Part 3

Color your project and decide what kind of paper you are going to ue. I have 80lb speckled card stock. I decide yo use watercolored pencils First draw letter with a light pencil then color. I tested out these colors. I want it to be a fun part and nothing scary.




In part 4 I will finish up by adding a little water with a brush to bring out the colors…

mixed media painting

Fall Hand Lettering #24 Part 1

Create an invitation. This is an invitation I created in illustrator last year. I will be showing my steps to working on a hand lettering project. I do this create a day in the life of the artist and the kind of projects I want to work on.

I will be breaking this project down in four parts


Part 1

Use printing paper and fold it into eight rectangles and in the first box write down words that represent Halloween and the kind of party I want to have. Think about



-symbols and simply what comes to mind


In the second box I write down what I want to say. What is the important information that must be included on the invitation?

Part 2 start sketching ideas…

mixed media painting

Fall Hand lettering #23

So I was working on this project for a class. I realized something huge that to succeed you have to step out of your comfort zone and that involves vulnerability. You have to put yourself out there and that is why I pot everything I have created. It is about being creative and having fun.

Just playing with what I had available at the time.

Round 1

Didn’t like the negative space at the bottom

So I changed it. This is a bible quote and lately it reminds me to just be content with what I have and see the abundance around me and help others. I imagine this on a serving platter or even on a pumpkin, or mug…I don’t know.

I wanted a nice teal but settle for these shades.

I haven’t had much practice with adding weight with script lettering I work mostly with thickblock letters but I must practice this lettering.

Any feedback would be great! I am in love with lettering and watercolor and am working to get it right. You know when I just hold that brush and just draw or paint I do my best but when I am focused on getting it right I don’t. Can you relate?