mixed media painting

Farewell 2015 Hello 2016!

So it has been an interested year to say the least. So goodbye all the lessons that I have learned and hello New Year! Please stop thinking you are broken and get out there and just do it. Everything you need to be happy you already have that within. Its been given to you the day you were thought of in existence.

These blocks are reflective of the changes I am making this year. My theme is to let the kid play!

  1.  I will redo the blog ambiance.
  2.  This is the year of creative exploration including painting on tissue paper, chalk lettering on the sidewalk, more seasonal journal projects and be
  3. coming a better writer. I also want to get creative with my style in terms of appearance.
  4. My post days will be on Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday!

My categories will be Drawing Time(working on projects) , Mason Jar Talk( lesson learned regarding hand lettering) and That’s Cool Art( looking at cool art.

This week starting Sunday we will start with a whole month dedicated to artists and learning their techniques. I love asking the question,”Where do you draw your inspiration from? So we will start will me and then other artists.

Let’s Play



mixed media painting

Final piece of the year

This is the one I created yesterday. I do love it an realize I need to add the apples now. I am wrapping up for the holidays and I may have one last one to say Merry Christmas.

Let’s go for a walk…oh yeah!

Love the playfulness here with the letters, the door and the swing. This adds a vibe of what the idea of Johny Appleseed is. Where would we be with these trees and apples? I wanted to capture the time when we love to play outside. I wanted to add a dandelion and a few flowers Then halfway through painting I realized that I could create a shadow-like leave some top right corners of the leaves blank to reflect the sun… wow I recall such detail and that’s great and reflective of my skills.



These are some of the first I drew and I like the letters but the layout is just there in what seems an ideal nothing fun about it layout. My final piece does a better job of conveying the vibe I want. The one the lower right corner seems like a stern face almost. I did not intend for this which is again a great lesson on design and layout.


This is the one I created before I did the final. I do love the leaves and the apples but love the quote on the final better. Deciding what I love and what works best is also another great tool.




For these last two-I can paint better! I use and have learned to use different tools and how to utilize those tools to drive home the points I am trying to make in my art. I do love working with watercolor pencils and they helped in creating this tree like texture in a sense. I better remember this.


Wow is was great to have done a walk through. I have learned to work hard and in the beginning I traced others work to get the feel of the letters and over analyzed the tools. These days I just  go with what I loved working with as a kid. I have produced what I believe is my best work!

I will be doing more of these and so stay tuned. I am also working on artists and a whole series on staying motivated. In February I will be doing a what I love series on this very art. Yeah let’ I will be selecting some of my works and redoing them.



mixed media painting

Update ….

So its been a couple of days since I wrapped up my holiday themed journal. I am getting ready to take a break in the coming of the holiday season. I wanted to touch base with you and let you all know how much I appreciate your likes and for joining the little lemonade party here!

I leave you now with a sample of my latest project and a little fyi. I am working on some fun  ideas for the blog. Next week I will run my ideas by you and get ready to work on the mother of all projects thus far. I have yet to pick a theme as this has just occurred to me to  create a project and show of my skills. Everywhere students are wrapping up their finals and jumping for joy. I should work on a project….more on that nest week.

For now here’s one of my latest pieces from my class.




mixed media painting

Day 15 ( Free Choice)


This picture was in a magazine and the lettering is mine and done with a micron. I dream of lettering on cake-oh and I love lettering  every which way instead of a mere straight line.  I am not too sure of the readability of the word dessert.I love the unpredictability of it and the heart!

This concludes my 15 day lettering challenge. Okay some of my ideas aren’t holiday related but they are my ideas and I felt inspired to create them. I this not what a journal is all about. I wasn’t sure if I should keep going with this journal but I gave you my word and I am glad I kept it.

If you enjoyed these past few weeks please subscribe and or be sure to book mark this site because there;s lots more to come.

Happy Holidays!

mixed media painting

Day 14 ( Free Choice)


I have started looking at magazines for design layout, spacing and lettering idea. Basically I love looking at how everything appeals to the intended audience. That’s my love of Marketing!

mixed media painting

Day 13 World

I  just realized I forgot to prepare this art piece. I need to add some finishing touches and will do so later.

I wanted to just take a moment and reflect on my week. What I have learned this is an amazing lesson. From going to a school with at risk kids to standing among the beautiful lights at Disneyland, beauty is all around us and one only just has to choose to see. I nearly forgot (shame on me) the beautiful painted butterfly surfacing the entire wall-a mural in dedication to the 14,00o children who lost their precious lives during the Holocaust.

I actually ran into the art teacher and was blown away by the art and how they worked at it everyday!

Be grateful for what you have and if you are feeling not so thankful then open your eyes !

Oh I have redone my 30 day art journal class on skillshare s0 if you are interested you can sign up here and get 1 month free to take my class and other awesome classes!