mixed media painting

Do What You Love.

and love what you do. I think of all the times I felt proud of my work and the choices I made-when I am having a good day or still a great day in spite of a negative circumstance.  Love was always there. The times when I felt sad, angry, hopeless, worried or restless, well these were days that were not so full of love.

My point here is to fill your days with as much love as you possibly can. This way when the tough hard knock life stuff happens you can face it and overcome it.

Here is a sample of some of the projects I have been working on.

Project theme was astonishing

take 2

I love color and have been mixing wonderful color.  This is a while ago but I loved creating it. I practice color mixing practically everyday. I and thinking about creating a skillshare class. 1029151959[1]

A piece from the embrace your art series on skillshare.0223161810

and another.0218161621[1]Hope you enjoy them….more to come. I am working on  my picture book, and testing some ideas for graphic tees for Society 6. I also want to open my etsy shop.

See you soon!

mixed media painting

I love the people in my life, the job I get to do everyday and the art I can create. I want to live up to people’s expectations in a sense. Well the people and circumstances that matter to me the most. Sometimes things happen and you have to go with the flow.  Don’t you have to stand out to do it your way! Don’t you need love to help you stand up tall?

This scares me. I am currently writing a story on this very idea . Doubt and fear are always there but love is greater. When you focus on LOVE you focus less on fear. Makes sense?


I love art and you know that right? I ave been focused all month on this love in terms of themes and creating a process that’s all my own. I will share some of my favorite projects Sunday.

See you then!


mixed media painting

Project – Theme

I am an affectionate sensitive soul- always have been and always will be.

I went over all of my prints and there’s just so much love for the simpler things. My mission is to draw with the heart of an adventurous kid. Lately I have been thinking about how the age that kids “grow up” seems to be getting younger and younger. What do you think? More on this on Sunday.

I recently discovered a new love: acrylic paint! I love the craft paper too. Oh something about these two together is so beautiful. I just want to draw what I love and share it with the world.

As I wrote the P for play I realized oh no I’m not going to have enough space. I decided who cares I’ll fix it the best way I can and have fun.

I got some practice and now I know the spacing needs work.   I also have an awesome idea to explore! I do need to find some paper like this to draw on and not bad for a first practice with acrylic paint.

I am a firm believer that my best work will happen then moment I give in to the kid within. At least that’s what the artists say.

See you soon!


mixed media painting

Taking a Sabbatical

I am on a break and will be back on Sunday.

I just want to leave you with these words.

Do what you love! Find the joy in everything: a tree, breeze, bird, your hobbies, a memory and maybe that delicious piece of pie. I jut had a lice of coconut pie and yeah it was good. Sometimes a little desert is good. But please take your time an savor. This week I am thinking about thee block letters I love so much. I will ponder on the joy found in everything and experience it as best I can. I will be pondering my values and principles. I will be relaxing and going over the basics. I will be looking at what I have done so far and how I have grown.

I really want to create some awesome letters like this. The Joy is one of my sketches and  a work in progress. I love using crayola products because they are what I used as a kid.

See you Sunday.

mixed media painting

Day 14 – Loyalty

What comes to mind when you think of loyalty?  Draw a quote or create a card and give it to someone.  How sweet that today is Valentine’s Day!

I am feeling so much love today. This blog has reached a milestone and, although numbers are not important, you are. I appreciate every read because hopefully the kid in all of us gets to play for awhile.

Loyalty goes hand in hand with love. Love is a higher power than just you and I. It;s what life is really about. Sometimes we stray in search of monetary praise and that always fades. Love is always here. The things you love like, your favorite song that you can’t forget, just makes you free. What about a piece of chocolate or  cake? Yes these are simple pleasures .Once in a while they do make everything right. (LOL)

Loyalty is a strong word because it is what will keep you painting the same picture over and over until you get it right. The best part is you want to get it right because you love art. This is the love that money can’t buy.  How many people went through so much to realize their dream? Everyone and yet we forget this.

Be loyal to you and to the dreams you have! Love your dreams and love yourself because there is no one out there like you! You exist and you are here!  When others doubt you be loyal to you? When others doubt themselves be loyal to them.

I painted cards today! I painted with my heart and did the best I could. I really wanted to share these with my family and began to worry that I would mess up  – but hey doubt pack your bags because I am loyal to this thing called art.

Oh did I mention that I mixed these colors with a crayola palette! Yes its true! I love color! I used red and orange and a bit of yellow I think. I added variations of paint with water and here we are!





Happy Valentine’s Day!  Hope you enjoyed this love lettering challenge! Please like this post if you did!  Every like is a vote to keep on going. Truth is I love doing this so I probably will continue. I had so much fun so stay tuned to more water colored prints. I am going to paint some of the fun sketch ideas I came up with. So if you loved the sketches just wait till you see them in color!

See you soon!

mixed media painting

Day 13 – Memories

Memories art part of this great big treasure we call love. Sometimes I will be going through my day and all of a sudden someone brings up something that makes me smile.

Guess what I am thinking about. Childhood is such a free time in our lives. What is your memory? Draw it, write it, and live it! I am going to be repainting this piece and so excited to keep working on it.


See you soon! Oh I have a fun one to share.

mixed media painting

Day 12 – Loving Memory

0208161606a[1]Remember eating a pomegranate when you were a kid?  I simply wanted to capture the fun here.

See you tomorrow!







mixed media painting

Day 10 – Nature


Okay what letter do you think this is? Maybe  I can feature a new section on my blog with the guess this letter game? I love nature and I just had this idea – here it is! Take something you love use it to create a letter or a word.


Some ideas: Use coffee to paint a picture. I have seen it done with abstract art. You can take an old lipstick or get a wet n wild and use it to create a letter. Just try something and have fun!

mixed media painting

Day 9 – Light

2 and 3 Immediately I thought of what makes me feel light as a feather , as in carefree, and here we go. The simple things can bring the most joy! Pick a little something like coffee or your lipstick and create a quote or picture.

I am working on this painting so stay tuned.

See you tomorrow!