mixed media painting

Day 8# Rainbow

I love the rainbow and was thinking how I can interpret it here.

Oh the color…


I love this idea of using gradients to express emotion.

Then of course I had to draw a rainbow. I had this idea that simply emerged. It is a fun way to  involve the reader with guessing part of the message. I feel I have to explore it.


I love this idea and will definitely keep working on it.  I remember this sweet student who looked up at the sky and saw a pretty rainbow after it had rained. At that moment all the cares just faded away.   I did see the wonderful rainbow.

wSee you soon!

mixed media painting

Day #7 Bee

Just a playful way to remind ourselves to be good. She is also a character I am working on bringing to life in a picture book.  I do love bees and thinking they are much like is in a sense…they seem small but boy do they have a big job!0318161159a[1]

I used crayons and markets.

Seem you tomorrow!


mixed media painting

Hippity Hoppity Easter!

I want to celebrate by making cards and just having fun with color. 0325161115

I am not sure about these eggs but I love the idea. I need to rethink the color. I am thinking teal, and yellow.



These letters that I tried to cut from paper just didn’t work but I had fun.


mixed media painting

Day 5 # Flowers

I love nature and flowers!

I created this some time ago in illustrator.I had to paint it. I love the painted version much better.

Its my interpretation of the love I feel for  people, and nature. I really believe that I am like everyone else but I’m me and there’s no one like me…



mixed media painting

Day #4 Beauty

Sorry about the picture quality here. I am working on it every time I post. LOL  

I painted this with watercolor pencils.  I am going to be playing around with several tools throughout this challenge.

I like the poems that replace images with words and the whole nature theme here…



mixed media painting

Day 3 part 2 – Adventure Letters

take your letters and create something beautiful. First practice with masking fluid and one iteration of many to come…I wanted a magical sky and oh the adventure of flying to Neverland and oh the thimble needs some work too.



mixed media painting

#3 Peter Pan – Adventure

I am working on an alphabet that I can use to then create many adventurous words like courage, dream, live, be do, and purpose…

Here is the second of who knows how many iterations.


Just let your mind wonder and go with whatever comes to mind.

Tomorrow you see this in practice.

mixed media painting

Day 2 # Kite

I have been playing around with this idea for a long time. I love the thrill of flying a kite….when you are running and you just can’t wait to see it in the sky. It was also that idea of faith and using faith to fly – I mean make the impossible possible. I wanted beautiful shades of   blue. I love kites and will for sure paint lots of them. I must get the colors right.




mixed media painting

Welcome to Spring Challenge…

The word is spring.

Oh I just noticed that the swirl in the  s looks like a heart! What a surprise when this happens. I love the springs and the scallop border around the s and the little bird on top of the H. In this doodle are all of the things I love!


Yes there are a few things I would change but using crayola markers isn’t one of them.


Okay so here we go. I plan to do this challenge for 20 days. I have some amazing Earth Day projects that I want to explore. This is my journal sometimes sketches may be messy or silly…whatever. I am open to new ideas and anything goes. I may finally go outside with chalk and start writing. I am ready to have fun and just play. I love spring and this journal is dedicated to all the wonderful spring moments and ideas I have. I will be redoing some old designs I am working on.



mixed media painting

Spring is Here!

Okay so I love spring time. It is a time to skip in the sun and just do nothing. I love being outside. Nature and all its flowers and animals are wonderful.

Tomorrow we kick off our Spring Challenge. I will post at 5: 30 AM every day for the next 30  days. You can share your designs at  #springjournal  on Instagram.


On Sunday I like to do a little reflection.  I noticed that practically an entire Kindergarten class drew stick figures exactly the same: triangle mid body and curved up hair.




I took notice and thought wow this is adorable. Then I  looked at other pictures and that’s when it hit me.  Why is everyone drawing the same.? Who are the follower and the cute kid who thought of this first?  Can  it be that children are growing up even earlier than ever before?  My point is that it was so interesting when  I thought it was unique but became boring when everyone else did it.


As I write this I am reminded of  not buying the blouse I loved because of what someone said about the color. Guess what I will be buying the next time I go?

I encourage us to play and have fun! Create your art and tell your story! It has to be different because its your story. Ti means you have to stand out and yeah it can be scary  but so is being a follower.

This is my design and a preview of an old design I will repaint


See you tomorrow!

You are never too old to play.