mixed media painting

What Do you Like?

Oh Oh Oh what do you like….okay so do you know what song I am singing? I found this amazing advice ( awesome artist) and it just reminds me to do what I do because I LOVE IT. Don’t focus on the reward or how rich you will become.  I have bee hearing this all ove the place and I believe  the universe has spoken and I am listening! Ironically Justin did say something about this a few days ago. Is it ironic? Coincidence I know.


The point is that I love bubble or big block letters! I love just singing out “Let it Go as I am walking in the beautiful nature. I do and the point is yes its silly but the awesome part is I don’t care what people think. Okay I do but honesty for the first three or five versus I didn’t even think about it. What’s so awesome about doing what you love is that you have moments like this. In these moments your best you emerges.

Right now acrylic paint on kraft paper makes me so happy!0219161902[1]

Right now Impressionism makes me happy!



I am an artist and I will publish my book. What will you do! You know what? You can do it!

See you Wednesday!

mixed media painting

Oh yes I painted that!


My ideas are more playful.

I created color as I painted and love the texture!


Sorry for the picture quality.  I tried to capture the color best. The actual color is in between these two, but you get the awesome idea right? Trust me it is beautiful in person!

I catch myself  noticing  improvements.

My curves and lines are much straighter.

The more I draw and paint the more I really love it!


This message just really makes so much sense right now! I have to keep on dreaming and believing…I am just going to draw and have fun.

In the coming weeks you will see me exploring old ideas in new ways! I feel like I am in a toy store or a candy shop and I can’t wait to see what I discover.

You will also see changes to the blog and oh yeah I am working on a new class!

See you later!


mixed media painting

Inspiration Where Are You?

I had painted the colorful happy for another project. The color made me happy!


What wonderful practice, but I like to use and reuse ever bit of paper as much as I can. I was feeling a little blue wondering if …well where am I going with this art thing. What do I truly want to achieve and share with the world. I had to get some good practice going and this song just popped in my head…I found  I painted away.



I like it and the warm brown expresses my thoughts…I found you inspiration and let me share something awesome with you….on Sunday!


mixed media painting

Where to look for inspiration?

This past week I wrapped up a sabbatical week.  I was thinking about my art and ways to stay motivated. I am making changes to this blog and organizing my goals.

Today I am looking at my favorites and drawing inspiration from these ideas. I want to work on the ideas I love the most. The ideas that emerge as I am simply doing what I love to do: ideas that just make me smile. These are all works in progress that remind me of growing up an wanting to be a kid. I am really going to own up to drawing with the heart of an adventurous kid.  I’m just going to play.

0324161852[1]1207151244[1]0322161750a0215161748[2]0316161909a0215161748b[1]0218161621[1]take 20115161950a[1]0115161918e[1]1221151504[1]


I think it’s also important to try new ideas and get creative. I was at Disneyland yesterday and I some interesting ideas inspired me . I just read a post and the theme was orange you glad it’s summer. Wow!… I loved the feeling of the last day of school and excitement for days when I could just play all day.  More on these ideas for Wednesday’s post!

See ya!


mixed media painting

Have You Seen This Design?

One of the ways in which I feel most free is when I just go for it. Oh it is the only way! I am not thinking about making sense or second guessing myself. I just do it. I had five minutes before I picked up the kids from lunch .I went for it and drew. Yes this is an idea that I have worked on but I am learning. How can I make this deign better I  thought? I really want to make my art better.  I love the idea of having the reader guessing the message. Doesn’t it make the art much more playful? I hope so. Do you notice how the words  creates a smile?

I had to come home and practice painting: monochromatic shades and wet on wet painting technique.

See you soon!

mixed media painting

I Spy Game

Remember this game where you spy  objects in a picture book ? Or you spy objects in a certain color where ever you go?

I was inside an ULTA  store and this ad poster caught my eye.


Just look at these awesome letters. Oh the details and even the background color.

I like to look at the spacing, the color really I jut pay attention to the details in every letter.

You have to pay attention to details and learn every chance you get.

Want to see more awesome lettering and fonts? I have a collection of them and lots of other fun lettering tools here This is my pinterest page. I post all of my favorite lettering, artist and just everything that helps me become a better artist.

I am currently building a New York sign pin board.

See You Soon!