mixed media painting

Letter R

Tools: purple watercolor paint  (mixing with black-tones)

Thoughts: Starting with a dark color and going lighter is a great way to express words like quiet. For excitement reverse the color. I am loving the flat brush.


I worked on these letters too for a class.

I drew the R’s for this practice too.  This is a lesson in fauxlligaphy




mixed media painting

Letter Q

Tools:  I had to mix color and practice. I used a flat brush and once again my finger

I have learned that it takes me about 10 O’s before I write a good one. I love the way less and less paint is shown with each letter….really makes sense with the word quiet.



mixed media painting

Letter P

Tools:  same brushes and paint ( I mixed lots of paint and didn’t want to waste it.)

Yes my favorite color is pink. I am so loving the flat brush for. I messed up on the n but oh well it all in fun practice.

I need to practice with this bush more!




mixed media painting

Letter O

Tools:  acrylic paint, finger (yes I used to my finger to paint a few of the letters) , and brushes 

Thoughts:  I love the hue I created. I took a little of red with some white and just mixed away. I have a hard time drawing curves. As I practice they are getting easier. I also love the texture that comes form a large flat brush.







mixed media painting

Letter N

Yoobi  tricolored pencil

Thoughts:  I love block letters, but I said this already. I love nature and mixing color with watercolor paint to get the same texture.

I like the little bird in the nest….it was just the first thing that popped in my head as I was drawing.


mixed media painting

Letter M

Tool:  sketching pencil  ( writes very light so I had to go over the letters)

I love playing with the word and creating objects within the letters



I just love block letters.

mixed media painting

Letter L

Tool:  Just a regular pencil ( but I drew in a public place)

Thoughts: I love hearts and I love block letters. Of course the letter L inspires me to draw the word love.


mixed media painting

Letter K

Tool: Watercolor Pencils

Thoughts: I love pink and kites. Aside form the spacing issues I am loving the word kite.


mixed media painting

Letter J


Tool: no.
just an old basic purple pen

Thoughts: I like the word jot and the word joy….oh I love block letters. Long practice is paying off.


mixed media painting

Letter I

Tool: no.  Again watercolor but Windsor

Thoughts: I love hearts and I love block letters It was an accident with the O’s but they look like eyes.