mixed media painting

Swim & Flow

swim flow

You have to put yourself out there and Swim and just keep swimming. You also have to enjoy every moment of it and flow. Flow like the easy breezy current. Flow without a care in the world. Flow like you always know that we are all the same. I mean sure you and I are different but that’s what makes me awesome. Yes you are awesome too and that is the point. This is what I wanted to capture in this painting. It’s like the 5th time I paint this idea. My idea gets better every time!

I love LOVE art and love sharing with you. I will be taking a week off to really work on my blog. I will be working on my art of course, but just need some time to swim and flow. I need to really think about my blog and give it the voice and professionalism it deserves. I write from the heart. I draw from the heart. I just want to let the kid play. I named this blog little lemonade for the spirit of playing and putting up a lemonade stand.  Remember that. I want to go back to a simpler time filled with the drawing and painting.  I appreciate the club and how we have grown. I appreciate every one of you!

I will be back August 8th. I will start with the school days lettering series.

I will have a short post next week on the updates and a little preview of what’ s to come.

Thanks see you friends!






mixed media painting

Imagine the Possibilities


I went to the festival and It was so amazing to see so many artists. As I looked at all of the colors, shapes and textures I giggle smiled. What’s a giggle smile you may ask? Ever see a kid  walking along and all of a sudden see a giant gumball machine. With a smile and giggle they want a quarter and are itching to turn the knob!

I have and I was that kid too.

I had to draw it. I drew this quick but its an idea!


You have to imagine and dream like Walt Disney. You have to explore what makes you giggle smile. It sounds silly but so true.  The more you explore you realize that everything and anything is possible. This is true with education and art. Then I started thinking about last week’s influence map.

How can I create art with my style and tell my story?  I now understand that the point of these awesome characters like Amelia Bedelia and Pippi Longstocking is to JUST BE, relax, have fun and play.  Plus I can surround myself with what I love and that will somehow indirectly show itself in my art. Yes I can reference  Pippi isms like her love for the word spunk. I much rather capture  the spirit, curiosity, spirit and individuality that she is. Why? Pippi and Amelia remind me of growing up.  Plus everything is best done with love.

Here is one idea!


Right now I am loving art.  This idea is a fun way to say follow your purpose and you just know when you know that something like your dream is meant to be right?   I am ready world and you better be ready too! I am giggle smiling.

What about the design elements I have been learning? Oh these have given me tons of possibilities too.

I have been able to go from this


to this



Imagination helps you push past the impossibles and keep learning and discovering.

You are going to see lots more projects and lots more exploring. You work on your projects too and share them.

Oh in case you are wondering I have changed my posting schedule to Saturday. Coming August 18th I will start working on back to school lettering projects. If you are interested then be sure to like this post.

Now if only I could take better pictures.


See you soon!





mixed media painting

Gosh Darn It!


Supplies: Windsor paint and crayola Size 1 cottman brush


Oh boy this brush is my best friend in the whole world right now!! You see all along I have been practicing details with a size 0 and the results were a big sad face.  I mean okay they were not that bad, but then I bought this brush!  I painted some textures for a texture class and doodled letters.  I have even practiced color mixing and it’s amazing!! The point is I was using the wrong brush! I can’t say it enough you have to practice and try and try again. Step out of your comfort zone and just play….COME ON KID PLAY. If your an artist come on try a new tool. If you simply read for fun then what are you waiting for get out there and try something new. You sing but are shy to do it in public. Do it!

I did make a mess last week with eyeshadow.  Yes you read right. I love love the texture.



Last week I shared my influence map and this week I am just having fun drawing and playing really! More about that later. I am also heading to the Sawdust Festival on Friday. I have lots of fun ideas that I have painted and will be painting.  I will be sharing with you.  Paint along with me.

See you.


mixed media painting

I’m going to live my love story

Class Activity to figure out who and what I am-how to tell my story


I am an artist. Make no mistake about that.  Maybe I am a superhero and my powers are I can express my thoughts with my art.

These were everything to me and still are. I have lots of ideas and now that I think of it they make sense. My ideas relate to all of these ideas that these characters represent. I feel awesome about all of my ideas. My work well needs work and so I am learning color, art history, writing and everything I can. Do you ever feel like you have this idea you believe in and can think of all these reasons why its right but get frustrated because your skills aren’t their yet?  Yeah I am moving on

In the coming weeks I will be sharing my projects:

  • inspiration by Amelia Bedelia
  • puzzle style like giving clues to create the message
  • fun animal drawings
  • what’s the idea again…I forgot but I will remember
  • Oh Starting August- not sure when but I will be doing Daily Doodles inspired by all the reasons why school is so awesome. Going back to school can be hard but I intend to make it fun.

I am so excited!

-See you soon!





mixed media painting

Fully Painted


Tools: watercolor paint and a little acrylic for the mistakes I made

Thoughts: Gosh I realize that you have to take your time and there’s so much to just painting.

Do I want to be an impressionist and focus on painting what I see and more importantly what’ s in my heart? Yes I really like this approach.  I love color and I do like the color I came up with here. Bubbles need work.

Yes I wasn’t so happy with the bubbles and…


I think I like these colors more


but with this layout


Ever feel like you are lost because you just thought way too much…

-See you next time!

P.S. I have something fun to share.



mixed media painting

Hardest Part of Being an Artist

Latest Sketch 0706161430[1]

I have gone through so many revisions.

Wow my letters look much better.

I love and get excited with an idea. Then I look to my right or to my left and see something amazing! Then I look down at my idea and maybe the lines are drawn thicker. Maybe the color is all wrong. Maybe I should have drawn it the way (fill in the back) does. Oh well.  I ‘m just going to crumble up  my paper and start over.

I have seen others do this. I try to convince them not to because… if only they could see what I see. WAIT A MINUTE! Maybe I need to take a second look at my art.  That’s just it.

I know that the moment I invite doubt to the party I lose. How can I create my best ideas when I am crumbling them up and throwing them away.

The Hardest thing about being an artist is knowing that you are at your place in time. However messy my place is, it is my place. I must be proud of my place.  I must make sure I have those cute little patio lights to shine in the darkest of nights. Oh what a beauty of a scene it will be.  DON’T JUDGE YOUR WORK BY SOMEONE ELSE’S. 

When all is said and done you have to look at your art as though it is already great and amazing even it if it doesn’t look like it. Love what it means. Love that it will take you amazing places.

This is an idea that I keep going back to.  I will how your the finished painted version next week.  I am going to take a mini-vacation and will be back next week.

See you!








mixed media painting

Letters Y & Z

Tools: regular pen and today I drew  near a turtle pond

Thoughts: I don’t focus too much on these letters as I don’t use them much. Well the y yes but the z not so much.

I love the yours truly



Hard to believe I am done. Have no fear I work on art every day so please make sure  you join the party .Or stop by when you can.  I post every Wed. and Thur.  I hope you had fun because I certainly have.

See you  friend.

mixed media painting

Letter X

Tools: pink Crayola marker that is almost dry

Thoughts: Love the idea of a treasure hunt. I am reading Treasure Island. I have lots of fun treasure ideas.