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Art and riding a bike

Yes the universe is talking and do you know what it’s saying? Get out there and just draw. GO ON live your dream. Just go on and MAKE it happen.

You know the day you wanted to ride your bike down the street. Maybe you hated those dumb training wheels.  If you were like me you wobbled a whole lot and even fell. Maybe at that moment you were scared but not too scared to get back on that bike and try again. Then all of a sudden it happens and you are riding like the wind.

I  am happy about so much in my life but I  want to draw, paint oh write the stories I am working on. I want this so much that it scares me. That’s when doubt creeps in.

But goodbye doubt you’re not wanted.  Sketch something or maybe paint something that reminds you of the good childhood days.



Next week I will should you how to create awesome art with a straw and watercolor of course …oh yeah!

-there are no impossibilities

mixed media painting

Watercolor with Food Color…

…….What? I came across this idea while guest teaching and OH  BOY am I glad! I had to try one just to make sure I knew exactly how to do it. OKAY the curiosity and passion just called my name.  I can’t believe how awesome they came out.



coffee liners, food coloring, droppers, cups filled with a little water, wax paper or other paper towels so the mess won’t stain the table. Oh make sure you stack a couple of liners so your paper is thicker and you’ll have less mess.


Fill the cups with a little water and add food coloring. Then fill the droppers with the food coloring mixture  and slowly give the dropper a little squeeze over the coffee liner and watch the awesomeness happen. Oh YES you can then dip the dropper in the bottle of food coloring and again watch the awesomeness happen!

Start with the lighter colors like yellow or water food coloring mixture and then go for the food coloring out of the bottle.


Got a little crazy but it’s all good.


Even the paper meant to help with the mess has an awesome texture. So cool right!


Look at the awesome fall trees the kids made!

0912161201a0912161201b0912161201cYes there was a mess but we KIDS had a blast!

Just look at the clean up napkins! Yes one of us spilled the bottle of food coloring but look what happened!


-there are no impossibilities

mixed media painting

Daily Prompt: Passionate

via Daily Prompt: Passionate


Passion is everything and I can explain.

When I dip my brush in in one color and blob it on the paper.  Then add another color the same way. As I watch it flow and become one wherever it chooses I giggle smile.

When I get a prompt like the letter s and draw objects  and words that begin with the letter s. I just draw only to come up with a surprise and an unintended lettering or drawing that is awesome.

When I feel like my crayola markers take away my fear with every letter I draw. It does happen you know.

When I am walking along on a crisp Monday morning and out of no where  feel the urge to draw a lettered piece with these words: Crayola is what my dreams are made of

When I feel like I have so much to say and want to share it with the world. I am and will you know.

When I had the honor of working with students and using food coloring and coffee liners to create beautiful tress. Oh WOW I loved every minute if this. I felt like being a kid in a candy store.

For all thee reasons I believe  with all my heart that art is my gift. I have a way of expressing my thoughts on paper with color and just plain words. I am a humble person but this is a feeling that just is.



P.S.  Next week I will go over the entire collection and tutorial of how you can make your own textures with food coloring and show you the rest of the awesome textures. More exciting ideas coming so please make sue you subscribe.





mixed media painting

Watercolor Exhibit at the LA County Fair

There I was oohing and awing at all of the watercolor and flowers. I just kept thinking there is so much I have yet to learn with watercolor. Oh how this excites me! I felt like I was in a candy store.

0903161415b[1]09031614230903161422I have never heard of this HEMA gouache paint. I want to know more! If you know about it please email me.

0903161421aLove the blue tone and the magenta! I wonder how it must have felt to paint this.


The blending and texture in this is amazing! A simple leaf but so beautiful! Oh the power of watercolor!0903161455


The ocean blue is amazing!



Love the color!


I want that flower bowl…really I want a heart one! I love to paint!

-there are no imposibilities

mixed media painting

Learn as you go!

These are my very first paintings of this idea. Talk about a humble beginning.   I have lots more tries.

This is my most recent painting and layout.



Always learn from you mistakes and keep working everyday. I know I have said this over and over again but its the truth. Your best work happens when you lose yourself in you art. What’s that saying? To find yourself you have to lose yourself.  Here’s  an old but favorite idea.  I wanted to practice with textures. I wanted a friendly and cheerful vibe. It’s so silly and wonderful to realize that you best wok happens when you just let yourself go. I had to draw the little teddy bear. He’s our best friend. The one who held us tight and protected us from thunder nights.  The one who rode along with us on our bike. The one who holds our childhood in his paws.

The one we can’t bear to get rid of. Yes we have to grow up but  the imagination and play should always be with us.  Yes I like this idea and here’s to my childhood and all of the had work ahead of me. Hard work is part of the journey. I am happy with the progress I have made here. I am even more happy with the  ideas to come.

I recently went to a wonderful Watercolor exhibit at the county fair. There I was looking at all of the beauty and thinking and feeling this tremendous excitement  of all of the possibilities I have yet to discover…more on this next Friday.

mixed media painting

Cake Prompt

It’s almost my birthday!  It’s been awhile since I have created such art. “Cake isn’t good for you.” they said. Who will buy your digital art?  Do I listen or do I give it my all and decide for myself? This began my journal of self discovery. The only problem is I have countless hours of practice ahead of me. I am  proud of my work so far. I have worked on art every single day.  My birthday is a time to reflect on my life and all that I am blessed with.  I am grateful for all of the wonderful moments that keep me on this amazing journey.  There I was looking at all walls covered in watercolor and surrounded by beautiful flowers. I just kept oohing and awing every little detail and thinking that there’s a whole world of discovery waiting for me. This is what tells me I am right where I need to be. I need to get working.  Okay well not exactly but at least I know I’m getting there. Is this not a huge clue that somehow I am supposed to keep painting. Yeah it’s my birthday and as I blow out the candles I will wish for…?   More on the watercolor exhibit and my art in the coming weeks.

-there are no impossibilitiesbelieve-cake

Thoughts? I have got to paint this with watercolor!

via Daily Prompt: Cake



mixed media painting

Watercolor Letters



I painted this using the wet on wet technique. You basically take your watered bush and draw your letters. Then you dip the brush in paint and tap the inside of the letter and let the paint fall where it will. It will adhere to the wet area. Aside from being fun to watch, lettering comes out so beautiful.  I did blend the colors here and there a little bit. The letters don’t look too bad-well the i needs work. The key is to use just enough water. No worries it takes practice.

Here’s another Hi. This time I added a big blob of paint in the middle of the h and this time I used liquid paint. No blending needed


I also love the thank you. Very cool! The more you practice the better chance you have of doing a great job. I know the baseline to these words is not straight but I love how the words fit together.

If you love what I did here then just wait till you see what I do with a metallic crayon and watercolor. Oh yeah!

-there are no impossibilities