mixed media painting

Happy Halloween!

Have you ever noticed the awesome texture that pumpkins have? Painting pumpkins  is a great way to practice blending and watercolor washes.



Try painting some pumpkins and play with different techniques.

For the first one I dipped my brush in water and then with a little tap, the water sprinkled over the paint and created the pattern you see. I used different colors of orange to create the other two pumpkins. I also blotted the green paint in short impressionistic strokes.

What’s this idea about? All the pumpkins are different shapes, have different stems. They look different but they are all pumpkins…WE ARE ONE.


What a cool tree! I love painting trees. I have been painting trees for a while and I think its become an obsession. It would be awesome to put together a tree showcase. I will soon!



If I could only master this sparkly sprinkles texture with paint. Working on it! YES had to have myself a cookie at Disneyland!


Happy Halloween! Oh by the way you know the straw technique I used to paint a sun? I will be using the same straw idea to paint a cute scarecrow. I’ll share that next time.

-there are no impossibilities

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They are all under 10 minutes






mixed media painting

New Classes Are Live….

I hope you check out this class! It’s live in a few hours!


Have you ever been so sick and tired and just about ready to call it quits but you figure no way I put in too much work to go home now! Well, I’m recovering from this. Right now I ‘m sick of looking at my videos. Frankly I’m sick of the site of this computer screen, but of course I had to stop by and say HI! YES I need a break…a fun Halloween break

Please check this class out and tell someone about it.Tell me about it with a review. Thanks

Here’s the link : http://skl.sh/2dPMNtf

-there are no impossibilities






mixed media painting

New Online Art Classes Coming Soon!

SO… I planned to start with  the Halloween and Harvest Challenge this week.  BUT… I’ve been very busy. I  have decided to hold off on the challenge for a few weeks. I’m working on  wrapping up details for my skillshare classes.  I had this crazy idea to create a new class and then I HAD to redo the other two classes. Me and my bright ideas!

New users get 3 months for $0.99!



These two are getting a makeover.


Here’s the link : http://skl.sh/2dPMNtf



I will keep you posted and let you in on a fabulous deal so you can take the classes.

I have also decided that Friday may not be the best day for this blog. I will be trying different days.  Today let’s see how Thursday works out!  I will again be taking time to focus on my classes and continue to work on my art. I am working on tons of ideas and relaxing with this. Boy do I need it!

Thanks peeps for your understanding! Have fun and oh my goodness I can’t believe Halloween is almost here!  I’m going to a little Halloween party this weekend and Disneyland.  I’ll put together a little video or something to show you all the cool lettering and maybe a pumpkin or two.

In the coming weeks I will again mention the new classes with an exclusive offer. I will begin making changes to this blog as well so please hold on.

-there are no impossibilities


mixed media painting

7 Quick Tips For Artists.

The best part of working on art everyday is that I learn so much about myself  and the world around me. I keep learning  and growing. It’s an emotional roller coaster. Through it all, I have learned some amazing lessons. Here they are!

1. Learn As You Go. 

You can’t simple stay on the side lines and read all about it. You have to practice and read and read and practice so much more.  Learn about you,  about others and about the world around you. . Get in the habit of letting go and moving on with what you know. Take time to absorb what you’re learning otherwise what’s the point.  The more you PAINT (or whatever it is you do) the better you’ll get at it. Create personal projects and don’t compare you work to others who have been in the industry for years. Don’t let ugly work stop you from learning or creating.







2. You Don’t Need Fancy Tools

I can’t tell you how many times I thought I needed special tools. I thought I had to have the right tools to make beautiful letters and paint amazing artwork. Yes certain markers like Tombow really make it easy to create brush lettering but you can use Crayola ones too.  Turns out there’s a term for brush lettering with crayola markers. YES! Hello crayligraphyy. Just practice with what you have and once you build confidence know there’s a whole world of toys waiting for you!

I painted this with Crayola paint! It’ s an educational set.


3. 5 Minute Draw !

Yes you draw for 5 minutes. I like to choose two words and sketch away.  I don’t think so much and it really works my creative muscles. Doing this in the morning really gets me going  for the entire day. Trust yourself! You have amazing ideas but you need to relax and let the kid takeover. At fist you might have 100 hundred lousy sketches but then all of a sudden the next one is awesome!


4. Passion

Passion is everything!  When you immerse yourself in whatever you love, you stay motivated.  You develop an awesome style. This process just happens with habit. Ask any artist or check out their story and you’ll  see what I mean. They how up everyday because they want to.

5. Learn Everything

Seriously learn all you can about your art.  Learn who the best of best are.  Learn design, technology, business, color and everything. Take classes and go for a walk and discover the art around you.  I’m working on some awesome  classes.

6. Critique Your Own Art

Seek mentors and  get yourself in a community. Once you learn the principles  of design  you can look at your work and see what’s wrong  and fix it.  This is part of learning as you go. Paint today and put it away. In one week or month review it. Chances are you’ll be able to make improvements. If you are going to get good, you have to learn from your mistakes.

7. Check Fear At The Door

Fear is always going to be there. You can’t let it win because either it wins or you do. Fear of people laughing at your work knowing you pored your heart all over it,  is terrible. I know. BUT, so  is the thought of hiding and giving up.  CHECK EGO AT THE DOOR. Your best is waiting. Besides  what’s the worst that can happen?  Exactly so why fear.  Plus everyone who’s living larger than life had to overcome obstacles and people told them they couldn’t do it. Yet did

So who’s your favorite author,musician, artist? Read their story and get inspired.  Write you own. Next week I will start some some Harvest themed art

-there are no impossibilities




mixed media painting

Straw It With Watercolor

Supplies: a straw and my new watercolor palette by Crayola.

I really love this set. Reminds me of painting in elementary school. I found this awesome idea  from a skillshare class. Let’s see what idea do I want to express? You are my sunshine…YES

I was thinking of the sunshine that shines so bright even on dark days : painting, and an awesome song, spending time with those you love and so on.  Sunshine is what helps life grow. Art helps me grow. The thought of others growing too is even better!

First choose the right color. Honey and warm yellows. What about a touch of pretty pink? Paint your  image with lots of water for this activity.




You take your straw and place it over  the wet area and blow. You blow in any direction you want.I blew outward to create beautiful rays of sunshine. Dark days  sometimes happen but you can always have sunshine. I’m working on the lettering layout .




Next week I will do a quick review of top ten art lessons an the week after I kick off a 10 day seasonal challenge.


-nothing is impossible