How to Master Art?

I was working on a project and proud of my painting skills. YES I’m improving. but I  want so much to jump in the phase of  a famous artist who flies to Mexico City or New York to give a speech or host a workshop.  Hold the famous part-well maybe?  I just want to paint and make people smile and laugh.

Part of working on art involves being good at what you want to do…REALLY GOOD!  I’M working on color and texture.

I love my ideas:


I really do


But I’ve got to face the facts. I want to practice the basics before I can create beautiful art. I am the intern who spends two years mastering color and technique before she can create  her own masterpiece. That’s  it!  I’m as they say losing myself in experiments and sketching.  AND I will share it all with you. The holidays are here and that brings so much fun!.  I CHOOSE to practice lettering, anatomy of lettering, color, and art history.  I will spend EVERYDAY working on this fun and exciting stuff.  BUT I’ll work on one weekly project to test myself.





Today sketching and color and tomorrow more sketches.


-nothing is impossible



Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m thankful for all of my art adventures, my family and  good food! Yes I love my practice-not perfect but that’s the point it’s MY AWESOME practice!

I used crayons, masking fluid and fabric


Drawing a horse is hard

PERFECT IDEA! Watch a You Tube video and in eight minutes Ill have drawn an awesome horse. It  turns out drawing a horse is a whole lot harder than I thought. Not worries I just need more practice.

Yes drawing a horse shape by shape makes so much more sense. YEAH, my horse is funny looking. I stated drawing the two circles and thought yeah okay this is easy I got this and and all of a sudden …I don’t know what happen to the horse. The smaller horse on top looks better for a second drawing. Now all I have to do is draw this  until it looks like the horse I want it too.

1121161116f1I had an idea for the layout and everything.


I’m putting this in the awesome keep working on it pile. Yes I love the Just word being made in the sky with thee string of a kite and stay tuned for this idea.

BUT wait I have to paint something for the class project. I worked on some new techniques here and love the tree. Yes there are some issues with the textures and of course the spacing with the  lettering. I really need to practice lettering with paint.


Note to self. Keep working and eventually you got this!

-nothing is impossible




So much to do

…today I’m supposed to work on my animal painting project. I had a day off from work and so YEAH, I have time to paint and work on my project.


Then THIS  always happens. I get an idea and that leads to another idea and here I am.


Okay I’m going to go sketch and paint now.

-nothing is impossible


Try New Tools?

Funny story. As I was painting this and blowing away at the paint to create hay hands, feet and hair for my scarecrow,  I had watchers laughing at me. I thought about this and yes it does look funny as I’m doing it. I had such a fun time doing this.

This is a a work in progress. Not sure what quote to add here. I was thinking about how a scarecrow just stands there and doesn’t say or do much. BUT scarecrows have a big job and they do it well.

I painted color of cheer, happy and just friendship.


Well that’s it for now. I am working on much more. See you next week! Try using a straw and create something. I have used a straw to paint a scarecrow and  a sun. What else can I create?  Let me think on it for a while.

-there are no impossibilities