mixed media painting

Get Lost In Your Art

I was lazy this week in writing this post. Sure I’ve been working on art BUT for a while I took time to think about where I was going and where I want to be. I have taken over 1oo classes on how to letter and watercolor. I think it’s time to really roll up my sleeves and take off the training wheels. I want to trust in me and have fun. I’m going to stop taking these classes and feeling sad that my work doesn’t look like the ones who are the most popular or win the prize.Ok so I don’t always feel this way but want to eliminate all negativeness and just play.  I mean who cares. All I want to do is do what I do when I take different tools, or toys as I love to call them, and just paint.  I like just mixing color and who knows what color I will create.  I like feeling like a kid and feeling so free to fathom and flow to my heart’s desire. Honestly this is when my best work happens.


These 5 minute draws are awesome.   Gosh I drew this awhile ago and reading it now and visualizing the town all painted in glittery red is so awesome. Oohh maybe this would be great with the new glitter gouache I found out about today. Yes it does exist! I was thinking of how I can create an inspiring piece to get out there and do something amazing that benefits us all. Yeah I wanted this to be in the Amelia Bedelia kind of way.



I love just painting over an already used piece of paper  just to save paper. Then I love this writing over writing technique. Who knows when I will use this again, but I will because I love it!


I love the book I’m writing and the love poem is turning out awesome. Two thoughts for you: rainbow and watercolor wash. I’m so excited. I can’t wait to add this process to my blog. Oh and I think I found you and I’m never letting go!

I love all the new changes I have planned for this blog and for the projects I’m working on!

-nothing I mean NOTHING is impossible!


mixed media painting

HaPPy Valentine’s Day!

It’s been a while, but I still feel the same.  OKAY I’m an Ed Sheeran fan… but these words express how I feel. Art makes me happy.  I love so much!  I love nature and painting and just the feeling that I’m a superhero in my own way…that I can somehow save the day. Okay not a superhero really but I guess in a small big way.  Yes. I mean you can save someone with a smile or a good meal. I love to help people. Really I do. My dream is to build an audience for my words and my paintings.

Some cards I made.



Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays to have fun and let people know I care.  Oh and holidays make for awesome lettering and art practice! Wait a minute… do we really need a day to spend tons of money to say this or do something nice. Noooo!

Loving the texture and the crayons! Love the color I mixed up.


Loved this 10 minute morning draw…  weird but I love it!


I had an idea and 20 minutes of lunch left …loved that! I love the color here and this quote is awesome! The everyone fits is awesome! Love these letters and the color. 0131171154

Messed up on the this but love how the flaws give it character. Yeah just be!


Yes I’m thinking of the love poem too. I love the fact that I love all this art and I don’t care who does. Secretly I do hope everyone feels what I feel when I paint these!

-nothing is imposible


mixed media painting

Tired Or Not…

Lately I haven’t had a good night’s rest. Just getting over a terrible cold or flu-not sure what it was but it’s almost gone. YAY!  This week seems like a great week for a sabbatical. This whole love poem has me crazy with ideas. Should I do this or do that. All I know is I just want to paint and draw and see where that takes me. It’s like working all day  in the classroom or at work.  Then finally a long awaited awesome recess or vacation. All you want to do is run like the wind and go wild. There’s no what ifs, or maybe ,or but I’m scared, or don’t know.  You just ride like the wind!  Maybe you fall, but who cares, because you’ll get back up and try again. YEAH that’s how I feel. Didn’t even realize this until one day, last week, when I felt bored bored bored.  Do you ever hate routine work?


That led me to this week. What kind of work do I want to create?  The kind of work that makes me happy. What makes me happy? Well I can remember a whole lot that made me happy when I was a kid. The world seems to be telling me to let go and embrace that weird or unique “me”. Trust in my ideas and just do it!

Trees make me happy.

Here’s a little project that I worked on.





Recently. I needed a reminder to just play and do what makes me happy. I think I found it. I am working on some other fun stuff this week. No worries I’m thinking of color and  a magical way to artistically present my poem to the world.

-nothing really is impossible NOTHING


mixed media painting

Just Play

Sometimes this is the hardest thing to do. I’m working on the love poem and my deadline is February 14th.   That’s two weeks away and I have no idea what to do! I’ve been sick and can’t seem to get better. Frankly I’m sick of cough drops, coughing and Kleenex. and I know I shouldn’t complain. It’s been hard to just play.  Maybe it’s because I haven’t really taken the time to play. I’ve been feeling pressure to paint just the right piece. The color has to be right. The letters have to be right. Everything has to be right so that the readers can understand what I’m trying to say.  Here’s the twister. The most important part of my art is to  to put myself right there on the watercolor paper and canvas.  I want readers to take in every detail and say,” Yeah I get what she’s trying to say and I can relate! I want my art to be right there always on my mind,  just like the songs I keep singing.  So yeah I want to just play. That’s what I’m going to do! I’m  delaying the launch of my shop till March 20th which is the first day of spring!

Ahhhhh a breath of fresh air!

What did I work on this week?. I love the color teal. This is a great color that conveys many of the emotions in my poem.  I know I want a background  maybe I can use that cool wash you create with a plastic ziploc bag.  You paint the bag. Then press the wet painted side on the paper and press and let dry. I love this idea for the back background!  Tested it! Love the sporadic placement of the paint.


I had this crazy idea to write with acrylic paint. YES write the entire poem in white acrylic paint. The trouble is that acrylic paint is thick and hard to write with. I’ve been practicing! Maybe there is a better way?  I did some research and found out there’s this cool masking fluid pen and YES I am having an idea. Maybe I should try some new acrylic paint because the one I have is old and dry? Who knows I’ll keep playing!

I’ve also just started playing and I love hearts and Valentine’s Day! Love blending two colors. Say….may I can use this blending for my poem? Yes I am feeling better already. I don’t ever want to feel like I’m forcing myself to do art. If I’m not motivated then it’s not the kind of art I want to create-EVER.


there are no impossibilities