mixed media painting

Trust Yo Self

For reals! You have to trust yourself and just paint in a who cares I really could care less what you think cuz I’m just going to pour my love all over it and yeah

That’s what happened with this egg and I love it.


Love the color and love the idea that I sat down and just drew…drew like I did when I was a kid! See you in two weeks.

-nothing is impossible


mixed media painting

Paint What You Love

No matter what you do please do it with your heart. Do you hear this self. Listen and listen good! Okay so this means I will paint….

I had fun and yes there’s a few mistakes here but wow I love the heart sprinkles and the cherries! The cherries look so cute. I have a we are one quote that is calling my name.

The sundae needs work. I really love this idea and kept trying to get it right

Finally I just drew my way. The color is a little off but this is my journal. I don’t like when I PAINT such pretty color but you’d never know it with lousy pictures.




-Nothing is impossible. NOTHING!


mixed media painting

I’m a Master

in the making. I dream of flying here and there (Mexico an New York) to give my speech on how my art came to life. Yes I draw every single day and get paid lots of money to do it!  Yeah not exactly here… yet.  BUT I will be! I could care less about the money. Okay I care some. The point I’m making is I will draw and paint for as long as I can physically do it.

I’m taking baby steps and teaching online. There are two great ways to BE who you want to be. Just be. Teach an online class and work on the kind of projects you want. Be your own client they say. So okay I’m saying OKAY!

All of these classes are 1o minutes or less.


Click on this link here: http://skl.sh/2kePZSL


Click on the link here: http://skl.sh/2lNVuos

I need to take this class again. It’ s that good!



Checkout this class! Tons of awesome help!



-Nothing is impossible!


mixed media painting

Be a Fan of Your Own Work

This goes both ways. Yes I know that I’m on my mini vacation right now. BUT I thought I’ d set up four journal entries of some awesome lessons that I know I’ll be thinking about.  I HAD to add them to my journal. So goodbye journal! I will see you Easter Sunday! Yippee I love Easter! I love all holidays!

I went from this


to this


to this

and this

ugliness happened…well I’m proud of this piece because it was great practice. Now I know not to use color like this. I mixed it too much brown and didn’t like the shade of orange here but the orange in blue is heaven.


All of my practice led me to this!

I am proud of my work. STOP comparing my work to others. THIS BUGS ME. My work is not suppose to look like anyone’s work. IT’S ME! Yes I have to figure out how to use a camera. LOL  I have lots more ideas. Practice and more practice!

-nothing is impossible


note to self

Love Poem Update

A quick update for my love poem. I finally think I’ve got it. Have this idea for a beautiful rainbow.  So I had to paint it. I mixed up these colors. Then I wrote my poem with a brown twistable crayon. The layout didn’t work out so well BUT I kept telling myself just paint and practice  and see what happens.  What fabulous advice! Besides I’m so loving the wax crayon with watercolor. My picture taking is well yeah not so good.. The color looks black instead of an awesome brown but who cares. I made some awesome art that I know the world is waiting for. Gosh I hope so. YES!


I just fell in love with applying color. I LOVE painting and knowing that an idea is coming to life. The words live your love story look good. Just drew them but they make great balloons.The whole pink and orange color scheme, well I’m LOVING it.



This whole wonderful  experience had me thinking about my recent plans to just paint and let everything else go. I want to share my work with the world. Famous Justin Bieber words never say never keep ringing in my head. OKAY it’s not just him. It’s the podcast I just listened to. It’s the words the priest said in church. It’s the children who grace my life. It’s the special girl who reminds me that you should NEVER ever give up especially in dark times.

Art is a huge pick me up when I feel doubt creeping back in and want to fall. A warm feeling wraps around my heart , SAYING I GOT YOU. YOU GOT THIS. JUST hold on and together we’ll see it through. You can’t give in.

So yippee, I can’t wait to keep working on my book and painting all of these ideas. I have my daily progress on instagram at myrasletters. I  have this awesome blog but I want to make some changes. Oh brother they are coming soon! So here’s the big news. I won’t be posting anything for the next 40 days. I need time to think and work on me. You bet I will be working on all of my projects and I will be back Easter Sunday! Say!  Maybe this is the perfect time to launch my love poem on etsy.  Who knows where else.  I love each and everyone of you and appreciate you!  I’m jumping up and down. Come on jump with me! Till then feel free to like this post if you’re feeling this poem!



-nothing is impossible. Close you eyes and visualize