mixed media painting

Happy Saturday!

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend-as you should be! Just want to say thank you for reading. There are a few changes on my blog and a few to come. Check out my pages for fun tools, my interview. As a reminder I do teach online courses.

That’s all for now because I’m going for a quick snack and then it’s blob painting time.


mixed media painting

What happens when you’re curious?

It’s been good to be away from here.  I really enjoyed working on my posts for a few weeks and getting lost in my own world.  I was able to fully focus on me and my art. Still need to work on eating healthy and getting in shape, but that’s another conversation. Yes being able to focus on my art and just paint is awesome. I feel so much more carefree to be curious! Y-E-S.

Which brings me to how things are going to roll. I will post weekly every Friday. There will be an occasional surprise.  You are going to see awesome projects and yes one of them is the love poem. Each month I will wok on projects and at the end of the month I will work on posts. This way I spend the entire month working on my art. It can be hard to divide my days with blogging and projects.

So here we go! I painted a few cards for Easter. Kraft paper looks so beautiful with acrylic paint.

I used a pencil to sketch out the design. Then I just painted.
I kept mixing color until I found these awesome shades of brown and pink. This one is my favorite. Not sure about the expression. I am working on creating facial expressions for my bears and horses.
I then used an angled brush to create the petals for this pretty flower. White paper would have been better to emphasize the color and create more contrast. Well at least I know that now. HaHa
I want more practice with drawing. These days looking up a picture online to reference is a great idea. I observe shapes and paint what I see. No pencil this time. Not bad but I messed up on the inside. I tried to use a mascara wand to create the perfect shape.  It was awesome but the proportions were all wrong.


See you next week

Everything is possible

mixed media painting

Happy Easter!

Just a quick short message to say that I hope you have a fun day! Remember the days of egg hunting and the Easter bunny.  Good times that still make me smile. Never did find the golden egg or did I? Hiding them has been fun too…

I love to write, paint and draw-but you already know that.  Just enjoy your day with your family and friends and realize or remind yourself of the great wonders of the world.

Oh yeah Been working on some fabulous stuff and again making some awesome changes to this blog. It’s all starting next week. I can’t wait for you to see…..

everything is possible