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Go Mad with Watercolor Lettering and

…what ever lettering styles you want to create. I’m working on trusting myself and exploring everything that sparks my curiosity. In the coming weeks I’m letting loose!  I’ve even created a new class. I’ve done so much research and now I just want to paint! I just want to draw. Everything around me seems to utter the same sweet message: just draw girl!

I went for a walk and found this amazing letter c and had to draw it.


That led to other exploration. I want to use these awesome styles to practice and create my own lettering styles.



More… I love the backwards D. What a great play on the idea of going mad. More on this project coming soon! I love the wet on wet technique because once you add color there’s no telling what pattern or color will be created. I love the spontaneity and what an awesome way to represent the message Go Mad

More practice…

Next I learned a great lesson in a classroom of bright kids working on Mothers Day cards.  I still listen to the words, “I don’t want to make that card. Can I create what ever I want. I have my own idea! I’ve never seen a more creative bunch.  I want that spirit! I don’t want to let that go.


Everything is Impossible




note to self

Update on Live Your Love Story

I’ve been working on this poem. Had it for so long. I really wrote it to myself knowing there are tons of people out there who can benefit too.

Here’s what I’ve been working on. What color and texture do I create?

Testing various brushes and color… and yes I practiced on the back side of watercolor paper. That’s okay for practice but not good for the amazing watercolor textue you can create.


I had this idea for a rainbow layout.


I was stuck on the curve shape layout. I really love the color blue. I did some research on blue The color turquoise seemed like a fabulous idea. Turquoise is amazing and represents a communication between the heart and words. It guards against evil and is friendly and open, a color said to look good on anyone…..all the emotions I want.

Let me mix up the right color.


I took a bunch of notes and I wasn’t exactly thrilled with the rainbow.  Rainbows are cute but do I want the energy in my poem to be cute. No. The turquoise is on my mind and what a wonderful idea. I can’t let go!

I put on my favorite song and just practice the poem. Yeah “I got issues and one of them is how bad I need you”…. ooooh back to my exploration.  I edited the poem to simplify and add some fun.  My goal was to pratice writing the poem so there’d be less mistakes when I painted it for real. Turns this layout -I really love this layout that just happened. It has the feel of someting written on a wall for all to see..yes someplace cool like old town Brooklyn-just thinking.


Stepped away for a few days then I painted this. I used a pencil.  Took my time drawing each word as I wanted. I chose words that at a glance would emphasize live your love story. On the days when I don’t have time to read it I can glance at these words and know. 

To me this feels like something I could have written on a wall. One of those vintage walls with character on some island or cute little town.  I said this already but WOW love how this idea emerged.

Think of  a vintage building with all it’s character. The message or perhaps signage is all that’ s left from a once happening place. Maybe the place is still open. The point is the letters are slightly faded but still speak volumes of the place and it’s people. Yeah I believe that makes sense for my piece.


Will be working on the layout and the lettering itself. I love the backwards R! Keep watching and see where I take this.

Everything is possible




mixed media painting

I’d Rather Write With a Lipstick

I like to wear lipstick BUT there’s something incredible that happens when I write with a lipstick. I’ve done this before with an AVON lip balm a long time ago –out of pure curiosity.

There’s something about the texture that I love. Look at the chunk pieces and the color! I’m in love. Well more in love.


Seems crazy to want to write with a lipstick.  Or does it? One day in a classroom, I found this perfect shade of lipstick- only it was paint.  This lipstick idea popped in my head again and here we are. I used variations of red and pink. Oh I love the color. Which by the way isn’t easily noticeable, but if you look closely the beauty’s there.


At first I felt this urgency.  I was on a lunch break and literally only 5 minutes left. I made a few mistakes. Wait these little mistakes are fabulous- for the point I’m making. Is pretty perfect? No! We sometimes allow ourselves to be fooled by photoshop. In my case all the little perfect imperfections created by my brush.  Let’s move on to the real topic here.

Beauty is on the inside. That beauty shines through so bright on the outside. Yes lipstick helps you shine brighter. Nothing wrong with that. At a first glance this is messy and not necessarily pretty or beautiful. Then I kept looking at the color and the brush strokes here and there. That was BEAUTIFUL! That brought me to this whole notion of what beauty is. We see with our eyes and that can blind us.


A few days later I saved a lifeless tube of lip gloss. Again the color is off but that’s okay. I just bought a scanner. I now have and awesome idea to keep me practicing!


All this led to this quote. Obviously, this is a rough sketch


everything is possible.



mixed media painting

Tempera Paint, You Warm My Heart.

Okay did I just write that. Well okay why not. There I was, in high school ceramics art class. I had flashbacks of holding the clay in my hand and twisting it along the cold table and then piece by piece pinching it together to create an awesome vase- wait get back to my guest teaching. It was amazing to walk around and see everyone’s projects. What’s the story behind these projects aside from I’m just here to earn credit. I found them all to be amazing. Then the tempera paint kept calling my name.  I kept thinking paint. Oh I can practice the principle of rhythm.  Rhythm is visual movement in your piece.  I’ve got 15 minutes of free time at lunch and I’m doing this. I chose to use the element of shape and color to express rhythm with color.

Yes I felt like a kid in a candy story.  Here we go.

Didn’t have paper so OKAY I’ll use a paper towel. That’s the great part of creativity. You learn about working with what you got and make magic.
Mixed up some orange. Ooooh do I see hearts. I love this color here and feel like I should mix paint right on the canvas or should I say paper towel in this case. I SHOULD AND WILL. Add that to my calendar right now.

Here we go. I wanted to create a rhythm with the dots pattern. The emotions are happy and calm leading up to cheerful yellow…what I felt from start to finish .

Up close just look at the texture. I just painted these and no pencil sketch or anything. I really need to buy some of this paint. What a powerful example of how curiosity can lead to amazing art.
So pretty.
Not bad for a little time, tempera paint and an awesome lesson on rhythm. Wait next time I will make the E’s a little thicker.

-everything is possible.