mixed media painting

Don’t want to be a trend

This week I had a plan to enroll in Skillshare classes.  I couldn’t resist the color theory class because I’ve already started my own notebook.

Mixing color

So I added a few more activities for this class. There’s something comforting about signing up for a class. You listen, follow the activities, and then do a cool project.  I do appreciate these fundamental courses.

Color Theory class

…best part is I used a crayola educational set. Not bad.

Working with color

The final project was to create abstract art. I wanted a scheme that represents how I felt at the moment. In the midst of it all the heart’s a ball. Good quote for this piece. So glad I did these activities because color can help me tell my story.

Abstract watercolor activity

All this led to editing old class projects.  Just looking for dumb grammar mistakes. Come to think of it, more and more watercolor and hand lettering courses are added on skillshare. They’re amazing yet seem to be teaching the same skill. Many of these are really great for practice. Come to think of it, instagram does the same thing.  There are trends and then there’s vintage lettering with food coloring. The letters are amazing, like what you’d see on a vintage bakery sign–and it’s all done in food color.  That’s something I haven’t seen.  What about the artist who did some awesome lettering with nothing but a plate and a squeezable bottle of ketchup. It’s what she wrote that made the WHOLE thing work. That’s original! I’m not seeing too much of original lately.

I don’t want to be just a trend because trends come and go. Wait!  I did something with food coloring. What a mess but oh the color!


That led me to awesome blog posts with artworks from Henri Matisse.  Yes great timing to learn how to use color to convey emotion. That led to my old designs. Almost forgot my  cool ideas. This is my journal and I can say that.


The color and the symbols remind me of the original, fearless, misunderstood, brave and even the young girl who smiles knowing adventure is waiting.

Watercolor Art

I love the unfinished impressionistic color layers. I need to erase the guide pencil marks. I didn’t scan the artwork right either, but this is just my journal. I want this to be much darker and drop liquid magenta for deep blue purple here and there. I should have used a toothbrush with gold acrylic paint for the stars. Should have added a crescent sun?

Next week I think I’ll work on Art History. My drawing is improving. What did I work on last week?

Imagine all the impossibilities that are possible.






mixed media painting

How to create Watercolor washes

Do I practice the basics or get right to the painting? Sometimes I feel like practice. Most of the time I just want to play with ideas swimming in my head. Words from a song linger in my senses. quiero ser un alma libre…I want to be a free soul. quiero ser el verbo puedo…I want to be the verb will/can…

These days my free spirit wants to paint washes and backgrounds. I love the way color goes EVERY which way. There’s no telling how beautiful the finished piece will look– until it reveals itself. Sometimes people are always told don’t until the day they DID!

About watercolor washes…

The right brush

I love the way the paint glides across the page. There’s so many brushes-flat ones, round ones and angled ones. What’s my favorite?  I’d say it’s the brush that seems simple and new. It’s the brush I’m curious about and then say WOW when I realize what it can do. A mop brush holds lots of water and beautiful paint.

This is tempera paint but the brush is a nice flat brush. Can’t wait for my primary colors to arrive in the mail!

Tempera paint you warm my heart!
Tempera paint you warm my heart!

My new love is this bamboo brush. I bought one because I saw it someplace. The artist used black ink.  I love color and wondered what kind of letters I could create. Oh I have an idea!


Speaking of contrasting color

What color do I mix together? How do I apply the paint? However I want seems best! A light color yellow with a vibrant hot pink …you take my breath away.

Pink and Yellow watercolor heart

This next one is awesome but I need to go slow and clean up my letters. I do love the message and the heart! So glad this is a journal and for my eyes only.

Watercolor heart

Mix up green with red for a murky brown? Yes save this for when I run out of brown.  I hope I can have a painitng session where I’m so lost and run out of paint and in love with this idea that I just make some brown. Having fun with color is great to listen, relax and know thyself. This is a fun exercise inspired by a skillshare class from Ana Victoria Calderon.

Pulse and Precision

Don’t get me started on the blues. Perfect example of how to hold the brush and mix color. I blobbed and dabbed. I held at an angle. I twisted and turned.  I must say there’s a spontaneity that I love. Oh but that’s the best part!!

Blue eatercolor heart washesNo one dreams of being JUST another watercolor wash.

I’ve used crayon, alcohol, acrylic,bleach, salt, straws, fabric and who knows what else. This is just me being curious. What story do I want to tell? I like using different paints and media. I love working in layers. There’s so much to try so little time. The point is to use what I want because art is really about the place it’s coming from-me and my message.

I went from this


to this.

acrylic paint stripe background

What of this here? The color is awesome but the letters well…I don’t judge.

Happy Word Art

I had this quote. Okay lets change it up. What did I do?  I painted over it!


Somehow I lost the contrast. Sometimes you lose some. I do love the quote and where this was suppse to go. The color just went terribly wrong. The letters are pretty cool. This design didn’t work out the first time so I turned it into a positive? Well I tried.  Some will see the black or be so happy that–WHAT– there’s black? Maybe I need to combine both of these designs? Maybe?

Not sure what I will be working on next week but I right now I love not knowing.

Imagine all the impossibilities that are possible.









thoughts are things

Let freedom ring…



in the art studio!  (Yes I’m here once again because you need a voice of reason.)

Dear Mireya,

Sure family calls you Myra but you’re Mireya – love the name by the way.  No- your ego doesn’t need to grow bigger, so leave it at the door.  You’re you, but everyone else is AWESOME too! Don’t forget that.

Speaking of, that’s the reason I’m here. This past week you totally let your guard down!  Just stop all the nonsense and create. It’s that simple. YES Mireya it is!  I think you know quite well that your art is awesome. Not everyone will like or understand your art. I know how art makes you feel. How free you feel to do what you want. How free you feel to be you. You spent the entire summer working on your book and learning art.  No it wasn’t a waste of time.  Yes you can draw and illustrate your book. You are close and you will publish it!  Yes you spent 4 long hours EVERY day writing but you did it.

Stop worrying about how many likes or subscribers you have or don’t have. Likes come and go. True fans are the ones who email you or give you advice. Be sure and thank them.  You’re no fool! Stop acting like one. When you pursue likes, you start to do and ACT like everybody… to get these likes.  Stick to your plan and create because you feel this need to let your passion run wild.  Just tell your story.  Come to think if it, you have some cool fans now.  STOP WORRYING in general. It’s not your job to question why some people say mean words. They do, and they will.

Mind your own business! Stop going around trying to please people, wondering how you measure up. I get that you love people and want to help. You know what’s right. Don’t drive yourself crazy and burn yourself out. Sure you said and did the best- most of the time. Other times who knows what happened? You know and he knows.  Yes you’ve made mistakes. You aren’t proud of them. Don’t be ashamed of them either. That’s your past and this is your today-your future. You have a good heart.  Sometimes your courage gets you in trouble. Courage get the gloves ready. We’re knocking out fear with one punch-or however many punches it takes. Yeah- I don’t think fear ever goes away, but you can LOVE SO MUCH that you face it period. Wise up.

It’s okay that you’re feeling burned out with all this book writing and art learning. Take care of yourself because I love you! No matter what happens I’m your light. I’ll never stop burning. We have a book children are waiting to read, and workshops fans want to be part of.  For now take your time and work on basics like watercolor washes, lettering, and just play around with ideas. Figure yourself out.  We got this! Yeah he’s got us too…. he knows…knows that it’s LOVE I’m after.

Love always, Mireya

P.S. Next week Mireya’s going to share how she creates watercolor washes. Well… they’re not all done with watercolor….are you a subscriber?

Imagine all the impossibilities that are possible



mixed media painting

Finger Painting With Acrylic and Watercolor

I’m looking for a cool background or pattern for my poems and quotes.

I’ve been playing with acrylic paint and watercolor of course.

acrylic paint stripe background

You’ve seen the one with crayola here Note to self, paint more of these. There’s something about mixing color that excites me. You add color and drop it on the page like this and spread it. There’s no structure. The paint just takes on a life of it’s own.  I love that.


I love dropping drops of paint and then using a flat brush to spread the paint in a horizontal motion. Use my  finger prints to create a pattern? Yes I will try that next time!

Instead I got this quote in my head and why not play around with it.


Oh dear I need more space! Oh but I do love this idea! I love the color. I used the dot method to grab a couple of colors and then paint….looks awesome but I want to go back to the drawing board with this one.

Here it is! Yes I am also testing different paper and this is a store paper bag. The purple paint is done in acrylic and the dots were done with watercolor paint.

Put your stamp on the world

I’m still going to try the fingerprint pattern.

Imagine all the impossibilities that are possible!