mixed media painting

Finding your voice…


Fight with your mind lettered poster


is like finding your purpose. That’s such a big task! It is. I’m learning that the best way to find your voice is to simply paint, draw, write–CREATE.  The words of a podcast echo loud and clear. Get out of your comfort zone and turn off the negativity.  Yeah GOLIATH is in my head but David’s there too. It’s been a relief to let go and–Let Go. I feel like my journal is filled with these kind of thinks. BUT IT’S TRUE.  The hardest part is to let go of the labels and the noise.  There’s always pressure to please and to make money–to be liked and live what we always thought as…the safe choice. The problem with safe means you’re not adventuring or learning something new–BORING. I love learning about art history. There’s something amazing about painting in a dark cave or the breath taking Babylonian Gardens. Or what about the language of William Shakespeare. Oh the painting on Papyrus scrolls like the Judgment of Hunefer. This is all new!  Gives me a sense of how and why and artist creates. I love this! Makes all the right sense. I guess that means I keep on writing “weird things”


Hnand pinted poster learn

New brush that I customized and I gotta say it felt good! I love the unpredictability.  I tried to apply the paint in a series of dots. Then the paint didn’t spread and I was left with these dots. I ran out of paper. I messed up this sheet. I could throw it away or keep going. So I played around. I let the brush SLIDE across the page. Suddenly the perfect quote happened. Love the not knowing no strings attached feeling–WAIT that’s part of stepping out of your comfort zone right. I’ve also been learning to draw and WOW! I need tons of practice which will be great for a side project. I’m exited to start that next week! Yeah just the right motivation to get back to The Tale of Anna Mary and George…wait maybe his last name should be Wild..George Wild

Imagine all the impossible things that are POSSIBLE.







mixed media painting, picture book side projects

Writing Weird Things

Bare Before Beauty


Not sure what the conversation was, but I remember the important part. I was talking about wasting time. Someone said, “Writing weird things that don’t make sense is a waste of time”.   I thought about that as I painted. These are strong words and at first they HURT–not going to lie. But wait a minute that’s a good point!

The most important part of your art is—what it says. So what am I saying? What am I doing?  Then it hit me. My favorite song–the words–the motions and how it makes me feel. Last week I put together some of my favorite projects   These are some of the pieces that mean SOMETHING to me. They are probably not as neat or as colorful and people may think they’re a waste of time. But that’s just it I don’t care. I do care BUT in the moment I paint. I just get an idea that I need to voice and that’s it!

Do I want to be just another King Lear daughter who voices with flattery. Or do I want to be the organic from the heart voice who makes them think, laugh, hope, dream, dance–like my favorite song? I choose the latter. That leads to the biggest question. What do I want to say? I will keep on painting and working out the details.

For now I’ll have patience with the stupid letter c on my keyboard that is slowly dying, keep testing acrylic paint, blending my oil pastels and work on the picture book that I’m writing. I can draw objects but need lots of practice.

I think I’ll go study Art History now…



mixed media painting

Get to know the ugly side of

success. I seem to be quoting James Arthur these days-twice. To succeed at anything you have to learn to master the ugly side. That about sums up my thoughts this week.

I’m going to paint and I’m going to write my heart’s content.

My heart’s content…

I don’t know why it was easy to keep on trying even when I fell and scraped my knees. I mean all I wanted to do was ride my bike.


Working the straw was awesome and the color scheme–not bad


I love this color and the idea is RIGHT ON.IMAG0097

There’s always a brighter day.


Do I believe in all impossible things? I’ve got to.


We are one but we each have a purpose…I painted this!


Speaks for itself


Think of all the impossibilities that are possible

thoughts are things

The learning of a curious artist

Feel Love


Sometimes it feels like there’s so much art and not enough time. I said this before. I realize that some art interests me far more than other art. Guess it’s the story and technique I’m after. Gold Leaf in Mesopotamian art! I want to enjoy art. So I’m reading a little on each piece. If it’s a piece that has my attention, I’ll take a closer look.

I was in a book store the other day. I found a table filled with $5 books. The one filled with fairy tales called me. Yes  magical worlds and motifs.   Sounds like good inspiration for my quotes and poems. There’s something about a world  be it fairy tale or Hogwarts that’s incredible.  I love Hogwarts and the whole good versus evil. I went with the complete plays of William Shakespeare. I love the times of kings, queens and horse carriages. I want to finish reading King Lear and it’ll be better reading.

I got back to the quick draw or 5 minute draw. I love not knowing what will happen or what the piece will look like. I get an idea and go with it. In the end I may have a layout that looked better in my mind BUT, hey it’s practice. It’s going from fear to freedom.

Helping Others

The house is quiet now–good. I guess all books and draws just help me learn in a non- judgemental I can lose myself know thyself kind of way.  Wait… I need to make sure that I keep creating because that’s the best way to learn. I think next will be a great time to look at my old work and choose some favorites…

THINK of all the impossibilities that are possible.



thoughts are things

Lettering with Tempera Paint

tempera paint Live

A little Art History is where it all began. I came across this big magnificent book. Every page filled with art history–the story–the WHY. Right there among the pages of  Expressionism, this quote had me thinking a WONDERFUL thought.

Anyone can brush letter the word love. Most do.  But only an artist can manipulate color or whatever he or she wants to make us feel the story. There’s a difference. I don’t like the word manipulate. Maybe it works here?

Got my tempera paints in the mail. I had to mix color first.

color mixing with crayola

Then came the real reason I’m here. I was dying to recreate an amazing paint texture.


Amazing and done by a 1st grade class is even better!


I didn’t have the right tool so I made one.


I painted this mixing color right on the page in a blotting motion. Not exactly the same. I should do a softer motion so I get more texture with the brush.


I will definitely try this again. I’ll make the brush bigger and use a bit more tints. Work in layers?

That led to my  color book . I saw a leaf stamp idea that needed doing. I went outside and found the right leaf.




That idea led to this idea. Writing these letters was amazing. I just wish I could have painted on  a blank piece of paper instead. Oh well I do want to reuse every piece before I recycle.



and here we are.

tempera paint Live


The background symbolizes what I want to say. I like it….fabulous idea. Yes I’ll keep working on texture backgrounds and take notes.

What will I work on next week? Maybe it’s time to get organized, do a little 5 minute draw and have fun because it is my birthday!

Think of all the impossibilities that are possible.