mixed media painting

Get rid of art that…

isn’t you. Weekends are a good time for fun. I have been working on my book and literally going through the tiniest of details. I been doing it so much that the project stopped feeling like a project. I thought it was best to take a break and do a fun project that’s on my redo list.


Here it is old.

Watercolor Art

Here it is new.


I love the color and love the letters. Once I had time to relax I went for my book. I have been drawing and drawing. That got me thinking about my voice and what I really want to say with this book. What is the purpose of this book anyway?  Then I researched childhood characters like Peter Rabbit and Care Bears for inspiration. I could borrow a nose here, and the eyes from there. I wanted to get a sense of drawing and learn about my favorite characters.

That led to this idea of using a limited color palatte and using only those colors to mix the colors for the entire book. Maybe I’m thinking to much.

Here it is. I’m thinking of peach, yellow, light blue and using these colors to mix the right brown for trees and Ana Bee:


I listed to this great podcast. The interviewer was praising the artist. He said, “Everyone knows your work.  It’s identifiable without a name. That’s every artist’s dream.”  Yes it’s true. I long to grow into my style and process. I want people to see it someplace in the world and know that it’s Myra’s work.

I felt the urge to go through one of my very first sketch books.  I saw some clever ideas and I saw work I must have drawn thinking of so and so’s work. I didn’t like that.  I did love the ideas that I could look at and know exactly why I created with the emotions behind it.

I know that I needed to go through my sketch book to be reminded of the most important art lesson of all. Be me and be my best.  I do love the idea of visiting old characters but I am most interested in the designs I drew. The ones I drew for some reason….

I have so many edits to go through and still working on my blog. What did I get myself into?  I think I’ll…

Think of all the impossibilities that are possible.



Imagine all the impossibilities that are possible.Think

Book Projects

Painting a book cover

This week has been a week of many thanks. I needed a fun project. I found it.  I thought it would be fun to paint hot air balloons. This has to be the way Ana Mary and George travel to Apple Orchard to meet Mother Apple.   I found this cool project post on starting with geometric shapes. The idea is you doodle and let your ideas just happen.   I reviewed the element of shape.  I painted lots of circles. Circles represent unity, peace, life, energy and oneness. Rectangles in curves represent an unexpected twist–adventure.  The color does a good job of telling the story BUT…


The word explore is way darker than it should be…

guess I couldn’t draw or paint in a straight line…

the rectangles should have been curvy…

truth is I remember thinking too much and playing just to get things right..

I love the sun. I love how you can see the sun right behind the word explore. The sky is amazing. The letters are good just a little space fixing. Not bad for round one of the my book cover.


I’ve been drawing characters. Learning to draw isn’t that hard…I guess. I’m starting to draw minimal features like dots for eyes and looking at everything from shapes to color to bring the character to life. I realize the importance of  separating what I would do versus what the character would do.

Ana Mary is curious, happy, and that part of us that really just is. I drew thinking of her but borrowing this idea and that idea from other characters I found online.


Who are the characters? How do their clothes, actions and speech project this. I will work on this one character at a time. Oh and a walk in the park had me thinking. Take all of my tree illustrations and turn them into a picture book.  I should organize my journal again. So much to do! BUT I will remember to have fun and embrace the curiosity as it comes.

Imagine all the impossibilities that are possible.