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Get rid of art that…

isn’t you. Weekends are a good time for fun. I have been working on my book and literally going through the tiniest of details. I been doing it so much that the project stopped feeling like a project. I thought it was best to take a break and do a fun project that’s on my redo list.


Here it is old.

Watercolor Art

Here it is new.


I love the color and love the letters. Once I had time to relax I went for my book. I have been drawing and drawing. That got me thinking about my voice and what I really want to say with this book. What is the purpose of this book anyway?  Then I researched childhood characters like Peter Rabbit and Care Bears for inspiration. I could borrow a nose here, and the eyes from there. I wanted to get a sense of drawing and learn about my favorite characters.

That led to this idea of using a limited color palatte and using only those colors to mix the colors for the entire book. Maybe I’m thinking to much.

Here it is. I’m thinking of peach, yellow, light blue and using these colors to mix the right brown for trees and Ana Bee:


I listed to this great podcast. The interviewer was praising the artist. He said, “Everyone knows your work.  It’s identifiable without a name. That’s every artist’s dream.”  Yes it’s true. I long to grow into my style and process. I want people to see it someplace in the world and know that it’s Myra’s work.

I felt the urge to go through one of my very first sketch books.  I saw some clever ideas and I saw work I must have drawn thinking of so and so’s work. I didn’t like that.  I did love the ideas that I could look at and know exactly why I created with the emotions behind it.

I know that I needed to go through my sketch book to be reminded of the most important art lesson of all. Be me and be my best.  I do love the idea of visiting old characters but I am most interested in the designs I drew. The ones I drew for some reason….

I have so many edits to go through and still working on my blog. What did I get myself into?  I think I’ll…

Think of all the impossibilities that are possible.



Imagine all the impossibilities that are possible.Think

mixed media painting

What do you do with an Idea?

Lately I’m embraced by wonderful changes. I’m excited about them.  Not sure where I was or why it happened… but this AMAZING IDEA  to write a book became part of me. I feel FEEL like the book I stumbled upon right there on the table at Barnes and Nobble happened for a powerful reason. I have these brilliant ideas. I say brilliant because they create a charge in me that I cannot dismiss. I say it’s a hopeless love. Love is messy but it’s SO beautiful.  I have all these thinks. Sometimes I think on them too much in that I wonder what cold be and what if.  Well I’ll never know until I do.


So I had this idea to paint with only a spoon fork.



I didn’t know what to do but I kept painting all over the place. I painted the green grass with a flat motion. I wasn’t having much luck with color mixing. I used a combination of acrylic and tempera paint. Then I tried to make dots with the fork points and that didn’t work either. Then I created circular motions with the spoon. I do love the color pink with the green… and there it was …what an idea!

Painting flowers with a fork.


This is one of the awesome places in my book. Maybe I will tweak the color and make room for the hot air balloon. I’m so excited about all these interesting ideas and it’s as if the world is whispering  yes.



After all this, I happened upon the incredible book” What do you do with an idea?” and the most beautiful words. When you have an idea you may want to shun it and shove it deep inside a box and let it get all dusty and filled with cobwebs.  You may abandon it the moment it starts to cause trouble and steals your security blanket.  This is my take on it of course. Everyone that I have ever known that is and not necessarily rich but wealthy in love and in financial comfort has had an idea and nurtured it. They held on tight and protected this idea from the storm and the bullies of the world. They had an idea that carried them through the heart ache and the terrible feels like I’m wasting my time days.  No more and I mean it. DONE!

My side project is to write a first children’s chapter book. I’m thinking a book like Mercy Watson. I love the feel of the book and the size.  I love the idea of a first chapter children’s book and just seems like a great balance of pictures and words. I am learning to draw and have no idea how to even self publish a book  let alone illustrate it and that excites me. Yes it’s scary but I’m excited.

Right now I am transferring my story onto computer so I can begin the editing process. In the mean time I am practicing with ideas to paint my illustrations. I have broken things down to the following:

1  Edit every word

3. In the mean time draw and paint illustrations using mixed media.

4. Draw profiles of each of my characters.

5. Learn all about how to publish my book.

6. Oh yeah in the mean time keep lettering and learning about art.

7. When I’m done with all of this I will publish a limited edition run of Wise Trees. A collection of my curious thoughts surrounding trees. YES THIS MUST HAPPEN. HELP ME ALL MIGHTY.

I can’t believe I am writing this out but a voice again says this book will be read this Read Across America Day. Okay I am doing it. I must and will have this book done by March just in time for read across America. Yes sounds crazy but I know I can do it. In the mean time I will work on illustrations and keep having fun.

My story. I can feel it now.

We have Dimples, Ana Mary, George, Claude, Bartholomew, Woodpecker, Fox, and Mother Apple. These friends live like you and me with hopes and dreams and honey cake too. Well except for the matter of Ana Mary who is a bee that wants to bake for people all over the world. George is the biggest butterfly ever and he sings. Claude is a loveable tea drinking painter who happens to be a bear. Bartholomew wanted prize winning carrots and fell in love with strawberries. Woodpecker lost his Opal but found Dimples.  Dimples is a dog who believes he can fly. Mother Apple is the biggest most beautiful and wisest tree that once was the size of a bonsai tree.

Yeah I’m excited.


Imagine all the impossibilities that are possible.









mixed media painting

BUT what if….

I waste my supplies because I don’t know how to paint—like I expect myself to. What if I want to fill this awesome $12 watercolor notebook with only the best. I could sell these? They could be ready to scan awesome art work.  What if …WHAT IF…that’s how I feel these days. I catch myself doing this ALOT and it BUGS me.

Here’s what I mean:

I painted this and ran into problems. The scary part is that I almost found myself in the pits of darkness and the awful place of despair–BUT I refuse to enter.


A few days later I redrew and pained how I felt. I used different tones of blue. Yes blue is the color of faith, serenity, wisdom, calmness, universal and so much more.  I expected the brown to be lighter but the color’s growing on me.

IMAG0282[1]As I thought of all this, I listened to some powerful words. Make a mess. Messes lead to unexpected awesomeness. Command the respect you want with your art and don’t settle for less. Thank you  James Victore and  Unmistakable Creative.

To make your dreams happen you have to have two elements: absolute confidence and be transparent with people. Where there is doubt there is no confidence. Interesting how at the very moment, I ponder life and self worth I come across these powerful words. I love when this happens! Slowly but EXCITINGLY I am working on my book.

Imagine all the impossibilities that are possible!




mixed media painting

Painting trees with…


watercolor, tempera and artist tape.

Treasure Tree Hill


Sometimes life can be overwhelming…okay ALOT.   I could be a big worry wart and make myself sick… but where would I be?  I’d be lost. If I’m lost then how can I be my best? I’ve always had a creative imagination. My best is embracing new ideas even if it means I leave the most comfortable place. The weird AMAZINGNESS is that art gives me comfort.  Ideas excite me and fill my days with pizzazz.

Here’s what I mean. This blogger had an amazing idea to paint trees using artist tape. She painted a winter scene.  I had to try this, only I painted a scene for my book.

Step 1 apply artist tape on paper. This was fun because it’s a new idea!


I had an idea to explore different mixed media techniques. My plan was simple and beautiful. Sure takes the pressure off of learning to draw. I am learning to draw BUT now I’m drawing my way. This feels Sooo much better. As I look at this, I realize that I want a more organic feel.


Step 2. I used a paint brush to paint the background. I was thinking lovely shades of analogous color. David and Goliath showed up. I had two options. I could continue to work or start over. I am after all creative right?  I kept on mixing no matter what. I had his idea to use yellow tempera paint. I applied paint with a dab motion. Oh and I used the contrast technique I learned. I mixed in a little red with green to create contrasting shades. Afer all was said and done, I noted a Big something. I didn’t leave space around the small trees for perspective. I guess this still looks okay. I had painted Treasure Tree Hill…this wonderful place where Dimples tests his flyer because he wants to fly, even though dogs don’t fly.

If a first you don’t succeed try again. I referenced an awesome picture I found online….


but I painted Treasure Tree Hill.

Treasure Tree Hill

I used salt to give the hill texture.  I even painted the lopsided lollipop tree. I need to paint Dimples of course. I’ve sketched him but not sure I want to mess up what I’ve done so far.  I’m so happy with this idea. I want to sell limited edition tree theme art prints. Wonder what my fans think.

Imagine all the impossibilities that are possible!

P.s If you’re going to read my journal be a fan.






mixed media painting

Sometimes you draw good and…

sometimes it’s ugly good. There are times when I have just five minutes and I draw and paint beautifully. Then there are days where I’ve got all the time in the world…I erase and erase only to end up feeling like I haven’t made good use of my time because  I can’t even draw a simple object….


Well, hold on I bet the best of the best have these days. Lots of artists do. The BIG difference is they probably deal with it much better than I do. They also have 10,000 hours more of practice. I’m working on it.

I drew and spent most of my time thinking of all the awesome tips I get from artists.  They’re amazing and kind…so kind in giving me the help and guidance I need. Thanks Christine for this idea. Oh and I had fun using watercolor, crayons, acrylic paint and markers. Why did I choose an almost dried up marker for the lettering notes? I don’t know.

I thought this turned out well except I didn’t plan the layout right so I couldn’t scan it right.




Now I have a cool layout and the idea to paint with blue monotones. Yes I’ll paint and post on my instagram.  Oh on the other positive crazy….my book is turning out to be awesome. The editing is easier and my drawing is improving but my story keeps changing.




Imagine all the impossible things that are possible.


mixed media painting

Lesson in color


I wasn’t even going to write in my journal this week BUT here I am. Seems like a great summary for my week.  Seems like I started the week in a routine. I don’t like routine. I love not knowing— it’s the best!  I keep getting all of these awesome tips and ideas: words of James Victore.  “Learn EVERYTHING about art, forget it, and create” he says.   What a wonderful master plan!  Another quick You tube video on this amazing artist and her fabulous tips on my most favorite element of all-COLOR. “If you’re going to paint a red apple, mix the red with it’s compliment green to add form.  Oh I should make this a side project! I also found out about this awesome book, ITTEN The Elements of Color. The best part of my week is that I finally, not sure why today was the day but it was,  sat down and read my rough draft. Two months ago I sat for three glorious hours a day rewriting my script. I put it away until today and read it. Not a bad story AT ALL but there’s lots to do.

Yes it’s a big task and so is immersing myself in the world of Art History and King Lear. It’s not, but the feeling like I want to learn it all, paint and create at the same time… is. For now I’ll start with simple objects that I can draw like leaves. I printed up some pictures for reference and then painted going from light to dark.I mixed things up and outlined with a crayon. Maybe I don’t want to outline with a complementary color.IMAG0248[1]


Imagine all the impossibilities that are possible!


mixed media painting

Forget the Fun in Art?

Teaching language arts to a 4th grade class was awesome. I think about them and the words,” This is fun”.  Makes me smile. Yeah the word Fun in a classroom where learning happens is PROBABLY the best way to learn. I think of the little girl who whispered in my ear “You are a fun teacher” I think of the students in the adult transition class who….the girl who dances moving with each rhythm… feeling the need to raise up the volume. The boy who figured out a funnier way to separate each bead. The boy–I mean awesome artist who colored a mosaic. When I asked him about the colors he  simply shows me the four markers. ” I just colored” he says.

Oh the 2-year-old boy who bangs on pots and pans. He wanted to make music and now he’s a huge artist.

I think of the artist who’s had his work in the finest New York museum. He hosts retreats and workshops. He writes his letters messy. That’s what his clients love the most. It’s true! It’s what he says that invigorates my mind!

I eavesdropped on a conversation. They were talking about the same thing. When an author was asked how he wrote an amazing book, he simply said he just wrote it and wanted others to enjoy it. That’s it nothing complex.

What do all these people have in common? They are just creating–no rules-no doubt just I’m going to do this because I feel like it. Oh and they nurture their talent. THEY ARE IN THE MOMENT LOVING THEMSELVES AND LOVING LIFE. Don’t you need this to be the best. If you’re bored with the task at hand then change it up. YES.

So what a coincidence I’ve been doing the same. I painted over old watercolor paper but who’s asking. This is my journal. Love the orange color I mixed up. I like the vibrant orange and the spontaneity in the letters!


So I ‘ll keep making mistakes–but that’s it they’re not mistakes. They are proof that I’m learning! It’s all how you look at it!

Oh I love working with straws but the lettering didn’t quite work out. The blue and orange is awesome. Next week I’ll be working on painting leaves. Oh I guess I should review some of my sketches too 5 minute draws are sometimes silly.


Imagine all the impossibilities that are possible.




mixed media painting

Finding your voice…


Fight with your mind lettered poster


is like finding your purpose. That’s such a big task! It is. I’m learning that the best way to find your voice is to simply paint, draw, write–CREATE.  The words of a podcast echo loud and clear. Get out of your comfort zone and turn off the negativity.  Yeah GOLIATH is in my head but David’s there too. It’s been a relief to let go and–Let Go. I feel like my journal is filled with these kind of thinks. BUT IT’S TRUE.  The hardest part is to let go of the labels and the noise.  There’s always pressure to please and to make money–to be liked and live what we always thought as…the safe choice. The problem with safe means you’re not adventuring or learning something new–BORING. I love learning about art history. There’s something amazing about painting in a dark cave or the breath taking Babylonian Gardens. Or what about the language of William Shakespeare. Oh the painting on Papyrus scrolls like the Judgment of Hunefer. This is all new!  Gives me a sense of how and why and artist creates. I love this! Makes all the right sense. I guess that means I keep on writing “weird things”


Hnand pinted poster learn

New brush that I customized and I gotta say it felt good! I love the unpredictability.  I tried to apply the paint in a series of dots. Then the paint didn’t spread and I was left with these dots. I ran out of paper. I messed up this sheet. I could throw it away or keep going. So I played around. I let the brush SLIDE across the page. Suddenly the perfect quote happened. Love the not knowing no strings attached feeling–WAIT that’s part of stepping out of your comfort zone right. I’ve also been learning to draw and WOW! I need tons of practice which will be great for a side project. I’m exited to start that next week! Yeah just the right motivation to get back to The Tale of Anna Mary and George…wait maybe his last name should be Wild..George Wild

Imagine all the impossible things that are POSSIBLE.







Book Projects, mixed media painting

Writing Weird Things

Bare Before Beauty


Not sure what the conversation was, but I remember the important part. I was talking about wasting time. Someone said, “Writing weird things that don’t make sense is a waste of time”.   I thought about that as I painted. These are strong words and at first they HURT–not going to lie. But wait a minute that’s a good point!

The most important part of your art is—what it says. So what am I saying? What am I doing?  Then it hit me. My favorite song–the words–the motions and how it makes me feel. Last week I put together some of my favorite projects   These are some of the pieces that mean SOMETHING to me. They are probably not as neat or as colorful and people may think they’re a waste of time. But that’s just it I don’t care. I do care BUT in the moment I paint. I just get an idea that I need to voice and that’s it!

Do I want to be just another King Lear daughter who voices with flattery. Or do I want to be the organic from the heart voice who makes them think, laugh, hope, dream, dance–like my favorite song? I choose the latter. That leads to the biggest question. What do I want to say? I will keep on painting and working out the details.

For now I’ll have patience with the stupid letter c on my keyboard that is slowly dying, keep testing acrylic paint, blending my oil pastels and work on the picture book that I’m writing. I can draw objects but need lots of practice.

I think I’ll go study Art History now…