I’d Rather Write With a Lipstick

I like to wear lipstick BUT there’s something incredible that happens when I write with a lipstick. I’ve done this before with an AVON lip balm a long time ago –out of pure curiosity.

There’s something about the texture that I love. Look at the chunk pieces and the color! I’m in love. Well more in love.


Seems crazy to want to write with a lipstick.  Or does it? One day in a classroom, I found this perfect shade of lipstick- only it was paint.  This lipstick idea popped in my head again and here we are. I used variations of red and pink. Oh I love the color. Which by the way isn’t easily noticeable, but if you look closely the beauty’s there.


At first I felt this urgency.  I was on a lunch break and literally only 5 minutes left. I made a few mistakes. Wait these little mistakes are fabulous- for the point I’m making. Is pretty perfect? No! We sometimes allow ourselves to be fooled by photoshop. In my case all the little perfect imperfections created by my brush.  Let’s move on to the real topic here.

Beauty is on the inside. That beauty shines through so bright on the outside. Yes lipstick helps you shine brighter. Nothing wrong with that. At a first glance this is messy and not necessarily pretty or beautiful. Then I kept looking at the color and the brush strokes here and there. That was BEAUTIFUL! That brought me to this whole notion of what beauty is. We see with our eyes and that can blind us.


A few days later I saved a lifeless tube of lip gloss. Again the color is off but that’s okay. I just bought a scanner. I now have and awesome idea to keep me practicing!


All this led to this quote. Obviously, this is a rough sketch


everything is possible.


Tempera Paint, You Warm My Heart.

Okay did I just write that. Well okay why not. There I was, in high school ceramics art class. I had flashbacks of holding the clay in my hand and twisting it along the cold table and then piece by piece pinching it together to create an awesome vase- wait get back to my guest teaching. It was amazing to walk around and see everyone’s projects. What’s the story behind these projects aside from I’m just here to earn credit. I found them all to be amazing. Then the tempera paint kept calling my name.  I kept thinking paint. Oh I can practice the principle of rhythm.  Rhythm is visual movement in your piece.  I’ve got 15 minutes of free time at lunch and I’m doing this. I chose to use the element of shape and color to express rhythm with color.

Yes I felt like a kid in a candy story.  Here we go.

Didn’t have paper so OKAY I’ll use a paper towel. That’s the great part of creativity. You learn about working with what you got and make magic.
Mixed up some orange. Ooooh do I see hearts. I love this color here and feel like I should mix paint right on the canvas or should I say paper towel in this case. I SHOULD AND WILL. Add that to my calendar right now.

Here we go. I wanted to create a rhythm with the dots pattern. The emotions are happy and calm leading up to cheerful yellow…what I felt from start to finish .

Up close just look at the texture. I just painted these and no pencil sketch or anything. I really need to buy some of this paint. What a powerful example of how curiosity can lead to amazing art.
So pretty.
Not bad for a little time, tempera paint and an awesome lesson on rhythm. Wait next time I will make the E’s a little thicker.

-everything is possible.


Happy Saturday!

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend-as you should be! Just want to say thank you for reading. There are a few changes on my blog and a few to come. Check out my pages for fun tools, my interview. As a reminder I do teach online courses.

That’s all for now because I’m going for a quick snack and then it’s blob painting time.


What happens when you’re curious?

It’s been good to be away from here.  I really enjoyed working on my posts for a few weeks and getting lost in my own world.  I was able to fully focus on me and my art. Still need to work on eating healthy and getting in shape, but that’s another conversation. Yes being able to focus on my art and just paint is awesome. I feel so much more carefree to be curious! Y-E-S.

Which brings me to how things are going to roll. I will post weekly every Friday. There will be an occasional surprise.  You are going to see awesome projects and yes one of them is the love poem. Each month I will wok on projects and at the end of the month I will work on posts. This way I spend the entire month working on my art. It can be hard to divide my days with blogging and projects.

So here we go! I painted a few cards for Easter. Kraft paper looks so beautiful with acrylic paint.

I used a pencil to sketch out the design. Then I just painted.
I kept mixing color until I found these awesome shades of brown and pink. This one is my favorite. Not sure about the expression. I am working on creating facial expressions for my bears and horses.
I then used an angled brush to create the petals for this pretty flower. White paper would have been better to emphasize the color and create more contrast. Well at least I know that now. HaHa
I want more practice with drawing. These days looking up a picture online to reference is a great idea. I observe shapes and paint what I see. No pencil this time. Not bad but I messed up on the inside. I tried to use a mascara wand to create the perfect shape.  It was awesome but the proportions were all wrong.


See you next week

Everything is possible

Happy Easter!

Just a quick short message to say that I hope you have a fun day! Remember the days of egg hunting and the Easter bunny.  Good times that still make me smile. Never did find the golden egg or did I? Hiding them has been fun too…

I love to write, paint and draw-but you already know that.  Just enjoy your day with your family and friends and realize or remind yourself of the great wonders of the world.

Oh yeah Been working on some fabulous stuff and again making some awesome changes to this blog. It’s all starting next week. I can’t wait for you to see…..

everything is possible

Trust Yo Self

For reals! You have to trust yourself and just paint in a who cares I really could care less what you think cuz I’m just going to pour my love all over it and yeah

That’s what happened with this egg and I love it.


Love the color and love the idea that I sat down and just drew…drew like I did when I was a kid! See you in two weeks.

-nothing is impossible


Paint What You Love

No matter what you do please do it with your heart. Do you hear this self. Listen and listen good! Okay so this means I will paint….

I had fun and yes there’s a few mistakes here but wow I love the heart sprinkles and the cherries! The cherries look so cute. I have a we are one quote that is calling my name.

The sundae needs work. I really love this idea and kept trying to get it right

Finally I just drew my way. The color is a little off but this is my journal. I don’t like when I PAINT such pretty color but you’d never know it with lousy pictures.




-Nothing is impossible. NOTHING!