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Love Wins

Let go and paint. LET GO–love wins!  That’s what the universe keeps telling me. So I had to look at my love wins design. Oh how I love the color. Wow I am learning so much about color these days. This would look lovely on a wall. Yes I will add it to my possible art poster pile. Wonder what my fans think.

Watercolor Love Wins Poster

Yes it sure DOES!

I have started working on my book, and oh the ideas and illustrations are…well… they’ve given me lots to plan for. I’ve been drawing and with each new illustration I begin to say uh…. this doesn’t look good…BUT I finish with BIG HOPE I know deep down each time I draw I get better. That’s it!!

All I need is ideas, PRACTICE and a positive attitude.


Imagine all the impossibilities that are possible.




mixed media painting

Spring is Here!

Okay so I love spring time. It is a time to skip in the sun and just do nothing. I love being outside. Nature and all its flowers and animals are wonderful.

Tomorrow we kick off our Spring Challenge. I will post at 5: 30 AM every day for the next 30  days. You can share your designs at  #springjournal  on Instagram.


On Sunday I like to do a little reflection.  I noticed that practically an entire Kindergarten class drew stick figures exactly the same: triangle mid body and curved up hair.




I took notice and thought wow this is adorable. Then I  looked at other pictures and that’s when it hit me.  Why is everyone drawing the same.? Who are the follower and the cute kid who thought of this first?  Can  it be that children are growing up even earlier than ever before?  My point is that it was so interesting when  I thought it was unique but became boring when everyone else did it.


As I write this I am reminded of  not buying the blouse I loved because of what someone said about the color. Guess what I will be buying the next time I go?

I encourage us to play and have fun! Create your art and tell your story! It has to be different because its your story. Ti means you have to stand out and yeah it can be scary  but so is being a follower.

This is my design and a preview of an old design I will repaint


See you tomorrow!

You are never too old to play.




mixed media painting

Project – Theme

I am an affectionate sensitive soul- always have been and always will be.

I went over all of my prints and there’s just so much love for the simpler things. My mission is to draw with the heart of an adventurous kid. Lately I have been thinking about how the age that kids “grow up” seems to be getting younger and younger. What do you think? More on this on Sunday.

I recently discovered a new love: acrylic paint! I love the craft paper too. Oh something about these two together is so beautiful. I just want to draw what I love and share it with the world.

As I wrote the P for play I realized oh no I’m not going to have enough space. I decided who cares I’ll fix it the best way I can and have fun.

I got some practice and now I know the spacing needs work.   I also have an awesome idea to explore! I do need to find some paper like this to draw on and not bad for a first practice with acrylic paint.

I am a firm believer that my best work will happen then moment I give in to the kid within. At least that’s what the artists say.

See you soon!