mixed media painting

Day 2 # Kite

I have been playing around with this idea for a long time. I love the thrill of flying a kite….when you are running and you just can’t wait to see it in the sky. It was also that idea of faith and using faith to fly – I mean make the impossible possible. I wanted beautiful shades of   blue. I love kites and will for sure paint lots of them. I must get the colors right.




mixed media painting

Day 2 Cookies

I did some research and wasn’t sure where I should go with this. I thought of cookie monster and some book titles like,”If you give a mouse a cookie”

Then I thought about making this personal and how I can put my heart into this and- well let the kind draw and play. I came up with this fabulous idea in honor of the awesome cookie decorating they had at Disneyland. I didn’t decorate a cookie per-say but my niece and lot of children did too. I enjoyed watching them and eating the left overs.

So here we go.

I am going to be using the paint method. My inspiration is Eric Carle. I should do a session on artists. Yes I will in the coming year-January.

I worked with a sponge brush and began finger painting. This would be great for kids to work on.



Watercolor of course!

I took an old envelope and painted here and there- and how is this going to look as a snowman cookie?. I just had a some ideas but then I just went with it and here we are.


mixed media painting

Fall Hand lettering #21


I like to ketch with color.


Sketch out the names of my favorite Halloween cartoons and shows.  I didn’t do any other holidays because I am saving this for a XMAS 30 day challenge.

mixed media painting

Fall Hand Lettering #11

Okay so I drew this a few days ago. I am doing my daily journal ahead of time to prepare in case something happens to my computer. I drew this idea and painted it a few days ago. I actually came across a picture in a magazine. It was a shelf  full of pumpkins of various colors and with various masks. I immediately thought I love this they are all different yet beautiful. Then I thought of my quote that I came up with.


This is a very old design.

I became inspired by the magazine décor that I came up with this version


Look at the world around you and let it speak to you. Just draw and share it with the world. Interestingly enough I am listening to a podcast as I write this and am reminded that this is my “personal legend”. Would these marvelous ideas pop into my head the way they do. Oh and please hit that like button. Every vote is amazing.


mixed media painting

Fall Hand Lettering #10


Take a world like love and how can you illustrate it with a fall theme. I love fall and that is why I wanted a heart shaped leaf. The swirls I guess are for this breezy windy cool fall afternoon.

mixed media painting

Fall Hand Lettering #8

Here I thought I would try working with a color I don’t normally use. I love working in color. I also just drew what came to mind and was thinking about creating a fun sign for a part or for home decor.

1001151014[1]Okay so the curves are not straight and I could change a few things. But I think it came out pretty awesome for skipping the pencil sketch phase. I just went for it with a black brush pen that’s starting to dry up.  I don’t where the heart detail came from and the swirls..but I love it!

mixed media painting

Fall Hand Lettering #7

Redraw It. It helps to draw something a few times or more. Practice is key to success!

Pull out something you drew a long time ago or could be a piece you drew a few days and ago and redraw it!


how many seeds_0001



mixed media painting

Fall Lettering Challenge #6

What does Fall mean to you? Just think about it and whatever comes to mind put it in word. You will find that the less you really think about it and jut go with what pops in your head the more creative it will be…the more you it will be