mixed media painting



Sums up what every artist should be about. Sums up what’s most important in success period.

An amazing quote for the haters out there.

Create your own life.

I love this one and by far my favorite. To tell you a little secret, I need to do more of the out loud. Part of this is putting my work out there via this blog.

This week’s challenge is to step out of your comfort zone and take an adventure through someone’s rags to riches story-any inspiring story really.

Some to try are Chanel of course, and artist through history or current, a movie like Rocky, The Cinderella Man ( James J Braddock), Coal Miner’s Daughter, Elvis and so many more. As you watch ask yourself what is success here and how is it achieved. Now for the hard part compare that to what you have going on right now.


mixed media painting


Ever have those moments where you wonder…is everything going to be okay? Yes I am sure this is one of those emotions that connects us in this great big world. If you look at a game, a musician, favorite movie, and every person you can think of…just fill in the black.  Odds were against all of these people. But why did they succeed, because faith carried them through those trials to the place of winning the game, getting the prize, or living the life they always wanted. Oh and new had just wanted to sing, play the game and it wasn’t exactly about the money or the fame that motivated them.

Right now I realize this more than ever. So just know that when it feels like hope is lost, this is just the momentum you need…

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