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A LOve Story

Yeah in the words of what I just read a while ago, a REAL love story is imperfect, incomplete and oh there will be tears. This is a poem I’ve been holding on to for a long LONG time……and I sat there working on it for hours-not all at once but I did.

LOVE POEM I finally got it just right. The words are just right!

lovestory  I PUT ON SOME MUSIC.  The song Life is Worth Living song. An unexpected love from an unexpected artist. The words of Oprah played next, just as doubt showed up–nonetheless. All I knew was the time is now. What do you know I WROTE IT and I love the way it is. I changed a few words BUT it’s a smile and it FEELS. The poem is ready but now I have this idea to create the poem in various colors too.

Can’t wait to add this in my threadless shop.

Imagine all the impossibilities that are possible.




mixed media painting

Day 10 – Nature


Okay what letter do you think this is? Maybe  I can feature a new section on my blog with the guess this letter game? I love nature and I just had this idea – here it is! Take something you love use it to create a letter or a word.


Some ideas: Use coffee to paint a picture. I have seen it done with abstract art. You can take an old lipstick or get a wet n wild and use it to create a letter. Just try something and have fun!

mixed media painting

Fall Lettering Day #2


I love this one and had to take a picture of it because I have seen this free flowing style before but it has a slight difference. It has a fun slightly Halloweenish feel to it…if that’s a word. You want to think about your audience. Yes Halloween is filled with ghosts and goblins but you have to think about your audience. What are you going to say and how are you going to say it? It has to be relatable to the audience. In this case its mommy and child.

mixed media painting

First Creative Challenge-Retry

Hey I am at Disneyland tonight! So your fist challenge is to take the letters of the world…

Disneyland and make as many words as you can using only the letters in the word Disneyland.

I’ll give you a few…

land, Sidney, and how many more can you come up with? Have fun. I’ll be doing a creative challenge every Sunday along with fun lemonade talk about life and so please be sure and join me if you want more challenges.

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mixed media painting

Layout and Design

Learning all about this layout and here is what I have learned.

In the early 1800s there wasn’t much competition and the product was the main focus. Then gradually it is the idea, a lifestyle and day in the life rather and branding. Now I think its more about character, personality and appealing to the individual experience.

I really love the Coca-Cola because they connect with anyone, are carefree and just about enjoying life. This is the style I want to persue in my art. I really love the Pear Soap. I love the somewhat simple yet detailed work.  I really love the playful vibe and the letters in the lithograph ad as well. I really love a vintage feel. This is the style I seem to me realy drawn to and want to use in creating my style of art.

I am working on a project and these are some layouts I love and was just taking notes of the letterforms, layout and what I like about them.

Ideas for my art:

Style: vintage

Mood: fun, sweet and colorful

Details: nature, hearts in small ways, monochromatic shades

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