thoughts are things

Thoughts are things.



What is a creature?  I have seen and heard aliens being described as creatures. Creatures are unknown. Maybe this creature is something bigger than you. What about the Creature from the Black Lagoon. I visualize chaos and everyone emotional and fearing for their lives.  What a minute… the words I’ve used to describe creatures are unknown, bigger than one, huge gigantic even,emotional, chaos and yes… there are interesting definitions and sentences in the dictionary.  BUT I’d much rather contemplate all the art ideas in my head and the ones I put on paper. For you see I am a creature of such curiosity and imagination. Today as I warmed up my tea I had a thought. Those ideas, the ones I glance at and really start to look, either because I don’t get it and yet it continues to intrigue me. Or the color and idea moves me to the paint of obsession! Ideas like these be it a good song or a great art poster do so because the idea or technique is unknown, gigantic, emotional and that creates so much chaos it brings others who want to create their own creature to fear for their lives!

Imagine all the impossibilities that are possible.




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thoughts are things

Thoughts are Things


There are always inklings all around us. Some tell us what we should or need to do. Inklings remind us what we did wrong and keep on reminding us. Inklings are so important and yet we ignore them. We invite fear and failure for tea. I read this book on Friday and this line about building a desire and planning for it in a way that doesn’t recognize fear or failure is the key to success. Then there are these inklings that remind us of love and the power it bestows on any of circumstances…if we follow the right INKLINGS.  Imagine all of the people who were surrounded by inklings they didn’t even acknowledge. These inklings are far too great and far to WONDERFUL.


Little WONDERFUL INKINGS this week:

-the book I read and the beautiful line

-the plans I made

-the trees I am painting and more importantly the way I felt as I painted them

-f… wait what’s it called again.

-love wins

-everybody hurts

-you can be of them or of yourself

if you don’t like your life then create a new one

-keep mixing wonderful color


-Obsession is key because it leads to all the help and guidance you  need.

Imagine all the impossibilities that are possible.



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mixed media painting

Cake Prompt

It’s almost my birthday!  It’s been awhile since I have created such art. “Cake isn’t good for you.” they said. Who will buy your digital art?  Do I listen or do I give it my all and decide for myself? This began my journal of self discovery. The only problem is I have countless hours of practice ahead of me. I am  proud of my work so far. I have worked on art every single day.  My birthday is a time to reflect on my life and all that I am blessed with.  I am grateful for all of the wonderful moments that keep me on this amazing journey.  There I was looking at all walls covered in watercolor and surrounded by beautiful flowers. I just kept oohing and awing every little detail and thinking that there’s a whole world of discovery waiting for me. This is what tells me I am right where I need to be. I need to get working.  Okay well not exactly but at least I know I’m getting there. Is this not a huge clue that somehow I am supposed to keep painting. Yeah it’s my birthday and as I blow out the candles I will wish for…?   More on the watercolor exhibit and my art in the coming weeks.

-there are no impossibilitiesbelieve-cake

Thoughts? I have got to paint this with watercolor!

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