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New Classes Are Live….

I hope you check out this class! It’s live in a few hours!


Have you ever been so sick and tired and just about ready to call it quits but you figure no way I put in too much work to go home now! Well, I’m recovering from this. Right now I ‘m sick of looking at my videos. Frankly I’m sick of the site of this computer screen, but of course I had to stop by and say HI! YES I need a break…a fun Halloween break

Please check this class out and tell someone about it.Tell me about it with a review. Thanks

Here’s the link : http://skl.sh/2dPMNtf

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mixed media painting

Art and riding a bike

Yes the universe is talking and do you know what it’s saying? Get out there and just draw. GO ON live your dream. Just go on and MAKE it happen.

You know the day you wanted to ride your bike down the street. Maybe you hated those dumb training wheels.  If you were like me you wobbled a whole lot and even fell. Maybe at that moment you were scared but not too scared to get back on that bike and try again. Then all of a sudden it happens and you are riding like the wind.

I  am happy about so much in my life but I  want to draw, paint oh write the stories I am working on. I want this so much that it scares me. That’s when doubt creeps in.

But goodbye doubt you’re not wanted.  Sketch something or maybe paint something that reminds you of the good childhood days.



Next week I will should you how to create awesome art with a straw and watercolor of course …oh yeah!

-there are no impossibilities

mixed media painting

Its an exciting but scary time…

when you have the whole world waiting to see what you will do. I  feel excited for all the kids who have graduated and will move to a new class with a new teacher or mo to a new place. Oh yes it stings to leave behind the friends you made and the places you are used too….even that routine “stuff” isn’t so boring.

Well now that you are you one step closer to you dreams  you are one year further from being that kid you used to be.

Oh but it’s  amazing to think of the unknown and not have all the answers. I mean who cares if you don’t know how to play. What matters is that you get to be in the game! What matters is that you smile, laugh and keep on keeping on.

I have posted a class and a few days ago and was nervous about it . I don’t have too many positive reviews and I understand. I mean yeah it’s not the professional video class you would expect. But who cares…because I created it with love and it would be nice if just one person can benefit from it. Oh my she has and I love it!!

I just have to explore and be open about all of my art no matter what someone might say. I have to get out of my comfort zone and how else will I improve.

Oh its the crayon that just makes me smile!


I don’t care about the reviews because I am on a journey and no journey is perfect.

  • This week I will be taking a sabbatical and working on a new  30 day journal.
  • Its the entire alphabet  and practicing one letter a day with a different tool.  (Coming in two weeks)
  • I will be working on my picture book. I am almost done with the manuscript.
  • I will also be drawing an object every day
  • I will draw outside more

So that’s it my summer plans. In July I will  be doing another art summer theme challenge.

Bye for now!


mixed media painting

Dare to Dream


Walt had a big dream and he risks and lots a lot to get there.  He is here now and will always be. Never forget that you are wonderful and have the makings to be the greatest(                 ).  All you need to do is fill in the blank and fight for it! I mean fight with that four letter word and take a stand by doing it over and over again until your dream comes true!

This is what I am doing. Everyday I draw a art or paint it. I go through the whole process in order to become a hand letterer. My art has grown so much. I will be sharing more details about my process and creative challenges.  I recently finished a 30 day art challenge and am continuing to do this every single day!

mixed media painting

I love Disneyland

0407150906If I could go back in time I would love to sit down and talk to Walt. What would I say? I would ask how did you know to keep going when odds seemed completely against you.  I always thought that he just came up with this brilliant idea and boom Disneyland happened.  In a sense it did but there were big failures and mistakes before Disneyland.  Big things happen from big failures. I have to get out there and try again and again and again.  Forget that I will do and do and do until I get it right…I got this! DO you?

mixed media painting

To live your dream…..

Here is a sample of my latest work. I have been thinking about my career and pondering this question that I am sure all artists have. How do you let go of the day job in search of what you really want to do? I love teaching but it is not my passion and quite sure it is not what I am meant to do.  Let me explain. I am a guest teacher and love every chance I get to read to them, see them light up when they learn and building confidence. The art and books I want to write are a great idea to continue this. I love art and daydream about the things I draw and write about…..so I’ve been thinking. How do you get to that place where you are doing what you love and you see the rewards? How do you know it is the best use of your time where you can make the biggest difference? People are enjoying it and yes okay you are living a pretty decent life. I have heard many say you need to have a really full time job other than what you want to do and then let it grow organically. Makes perfect sense but how do you find the right job that doesn’t consume you to the point to where you are not motivated to pursue your dreams….just a thought. For now here is a preview of what I have been working on an informal tone for this blog and some other fun elements.


Yes I love drawing with lipstick…not sure why but I do!


Went for a walk and just drew what inspired me. I cam across this beautiful tree that had barely any leaves and noticed how all the branches seem to emerge from the trunk and go every which way…perfect for my we are one idea…..just need to work small details like color and add a bit of whimsy….


a title for my book and a few notes:

My pitch is this: Bellisia is a bee who love’s life, is a dreamer and always tries to help everyone when she can. In school she’s not the smartest, or the best at playing volleyball but she has fun. When asked to become the next queen of the hive she panics and flies away but with the help of an apple tree and lots of help within she learns to believe in herself.

As always I’d love to hear your comments and please let me know what your dream is and what you are doing about it.  Every like is a boost of confidence and thank you to all who have done so!

mixed media painting

Always wanted to draw with lipstick….


I was looking at my etsy shop and feeling down about all the skill I need to be learning to really become successful at my new shop idea. I have been trying for some time to produce the necessary changes to make it work. Do I believe in my idea? Yes and I love it. The problem is…well there are tons of them and didn’t realize what needed to be fixed until last night when I listened to a motivating podcast on how to stay motivated. I love Sean and Ben and for the record am by no means advertising for them or anything. I am simply giving credit where it is due.

So I realized that I need to be working on what is right. I wanted so desperately to put up some items in my shop but they were not ready and I am not ready. I just don’t want to fall in the trap of  I am not ready and never do it. I have to put something out there and enough with the I am not ready. So I have decided to be ready with what works for right now.  To take baby steps that lead me toward the big dream….I am writing a detailed list today with verbs…this is what I learned from the podcast. Usually I set goals and get overwhelmed and lose motivation. I realized that hey it is because I wasn’t breaking things down and taking small steps toward the big goal. Sounds so simple right. So I am officially taking a sabbatical leave from my etsy shop. I am working on my watercoloring, drawing, and hand lettering, and creative writing.  I will be working on images, poems and practicing my hand lettering with some of the quotes and poems.  This way I am putting my ideas out there and practicing.I would really appreciate a vote of confidence from you guys. Even if it means you simple click the like button.

So what does the drawing in lipstick have to do with this blog post. I am taking a leave and it doesn’t mean that my dreams have stopped or that I have given up, it means I am giving my self the time to learn new skills and have new equipment…yes I will be upgrading to a new phone and a better camera. I need to maybe learn how to work that photoshop. I have have seen some new brush effects for my pages and there is so much more. This summer I will be enrolling in a master hand lettering course and am so excited about…..perfect timing to launch a new business. What are you working on? Comment below and lets inspire each other!

mixed media painting

Life is a crazy ride…

an update to my work….well yesterday I felt down about my work. I submitted it to a contest, as part of a class project, and didn’t win. Then I did something one should never do…compare my work to the winner. Okay so I could have done this to learn and get better at my art but I looked at it in a negative way. I realized that I am a beginner and the winner probably had more experience than me. I realized that I didn’t fulfill all of the requirements to the best of my ability and this is my fault. I own it and say my dreams haven’t died because I didn’t win a contest.

So what matters to me the most? I want to write to children and inspire them…even children of all ages. I am working on finishing two projects and will post them here when I finish.  Isn’t success all about going over the biggest rock ever and not even realizing you did because you keep on going.