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Live your story


The greatest love story can be found within the pages of a novel, movie or one’s heart. Most including myself forget that the greatest hopeless love begins with self. I wrote this poem and it was my hope to have it ready for Valentine’s Day. It was BUT not like I wanted. I kept reinventing the wheel expecting an awesome layout and ended up more in love with the first design. This design feels right and once I change a few words it will be awesome. I can turn this awesome poem into a picture book!! Why then, do I keep reinventing perfection? Doubt I guess, but doubt in terms of what others will think.


I realize that in a real love story there is no doubt and certainly no perfection.  Okay there may be doubt but take away all of the outside junk and there isn’t any doubt.  It’s all the outside junk that fools us. It’s True!  I love this poem and this poem loves me. I can’t seem to stop writing it and thinking of ways to express how it makes me feel.

I wrote this poem for myself but I smile in hopes of all the eyes who’ll read it.

In the words of a wise man Feck Perfection! I just want to write this on a wall someplace for all to read it. I’m dreaming of an old building that needs new character.

The old design–the one my heart seeks the most.  I love the color and texture. Oh the words highlighted…what a great example of how love just happens. 

Make a note to test various markers and I’m gonna try this one more time…however many it takes.

Oh right– back to painting trees for the wise tree book.





Imagine all the impossibilities that are possible. 


thoughts are things

Thoughts are things.



What is a creature?  I have seen and heard aliens being described as creatures. Creatures are unknown. Maybe this creature is something bigger than you. What about the Creature from the Black Lagoon. I visualize chaos and everyone emotional and fearing for their lives.  What a minute… the words I’ve used to describe creatures are unknown, bigger than one, huge gigantic even,emotional, chaos and yes… there are interesting definitions and sentences in the dictionary.  BUT I’d much rather contemplate all the art ideas in my head and the ones I put on paper. For you see I am a creature of such curiosity and imagination. Today as I warmed up my tea I had a thought. Those ideas, the ones I glance at and really start to look, either because I don’t get it and yet it continues to intrigue me. Or the color and idea moves me to the paint of obsession! Ideas like these be it a good song or a great art poster do so because the idea or technique is unknown, gigantic, emotional and that creates so much chaos it brings others who want to create their own creature to fear for their lives!

Imagine all the impossibilities that are possible.




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mixed media painting

HaPPy Valentine’s Day!

It’s been a while, but I still feel the same.  OKAY I’m an Ed Sheeran fan… but these words express how I feel. Art makes me happy.  I love so much!  I love nature and painting and just the feeling that I’m a superhero in my own way…that I can somehow save the day. Okay not a superhero really but I guess in a small big way.  Yes. I mean you can save someone with a smile or a good meal. I love to help people. Really I do. My dream is to build an audience for my words and my paintings.

Some cards I made.



Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays to have fun and let people know I care.  Oh and holidays make for awesome lettering and art practice! Wait a minute… do we really need a day to spend tons of money to say this or do something nice. Noooo!

Loving the texture and the crayons! Love the color I mixed up.


Loved this 10 minute morning draw…  weird but I love it!


I had an idea and 20 minutes of lunch left …loved that! I love the color here and this quote is awesome! The everyone fits is awesome! Love these letters and the color. 0131171154

Messed up on the this but love how the flaws give it character. Yeah just be!


Yes I’m thinking of the love poem too. I love the fact that I love all this art and I don’t care who does. Secretly I do hope everyone feels what I feel when I paint these!

-nothing is imposible


mixed media painting

A Painted Version


My experience sounds so corny I know but its the truth. I feel so carefree and just a warm feeling in my heart that this is what I need to be learning and doing. I love hand lettering and water coloring. I design for the child in all of us. The child who has a dream and believes all things are possible. The child who is kind and doesn’t worry about anything. Sadly its that feeling that we as adults grow out of or altogether forget. I was trying to convey this with my art. Looking at it I can see that my letter forms have improved.I will show you what I mean in another example of hand lettering next week.  Here’s to my art and feeling like a kid again. Freeing myself of the worries and if its good or will it sell or does it make sense. I seem to be creating work that really makes me smile and I hope it will for you too. That’s what its all about.

Please hit the like button as always…its a vote and every vote is confidence. What are you working on? Give it your best and have fun!

mixed media painting

Love this Quote and So True

I first want to say oh yeah thank you to all of my subscribers. You mean so much to me. I wanted to give you all a heads up of the changes I will be making to my blog. You will see a new layout, new creative ideas, about page and so on. Oh I will be posting sporadically in an effort to choose when the mot popular day to post is. I am still thinking about a place where we can showcase projects. For now please know that this is my place where I show you my art and it may not be perfect yet but it is my humble beginning and I am super glad you are here with me. Thank you for this and god bless you all!

This recent class project seems about right to end this post. Please as always hit the like button because every like is a vote of confidence.   What ever you wish please practice and practice even more when part of you says I can’t anymore. practice