thoughts are things

Thoughts are things



What is mnemonic? I say it’s different and unique.  SO it’s a pattern be it a theme, color or ideas put together. Every artist dreams of the moment when one says,” I saw your work the other day and didn’t see a name but I knew it was you! That kind of art is unmistakable. Ha I think of a moment–an argument over a song and the unexpected artist who created it. I guess that’s Mnemonic too!  The point is to create something that people remember. Create the kind of information that people remember and resonate with.  The trouble is you can only do that by forgetting this and everything except what you want to say, and how you want to say it.

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mixed media painting

Kraft paper brush Tree



papertreeTechnique inspired by an awesome painter. He painted with newspaper and I painted with a kraft paper roll.  This was a powerful lesson on exploring your creativity. Now I have one more tree for the Wise Trees book. Lots of trees and soon will come the time to scan them and create a story book layout…SO GLAD I FOUND Affinity Photo! That’s all thanks to an Instagram friend!

Imagine all the impossibilities that are possible.

thoughts are things

Thoughts are things.



What is a creature?  I have seen and heard aliens being described as creatures. Creatures are unknown. Maybe this creature is something bigger than you. What about the Creature from the Black Lagoon. I visualize chaos and everyone emotional and fearing for their lives.  What a minute… the words I’ve used to describe creatures are unknown, bigger than one, huge gigantic even,emotional, chaos and yes… there are interesting definitions and sentences in the dictionary.  BUT I’d much rather contemplate all the art ideas in my head and the ones I put on paper. For you see I am a creature of such curiosity and imagination. Today as I warmed up my tea I had a thought. Those ideas, the ones I glance at and really start to look, either because I don’t get it and yet it continues to intrigue me. Or the color and idea moves me to the paint of obsession! Ideas like these be it a good song or a great art poster do so because the idea or technique is unknown, gigantic, emotional and that creates so much chaos it brings others who want to create their own creature to fear for their lives!

Imagine all the impossibilities that are possible.




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mixed media painting

Painting trees with…


watercolor, tempera and artist tape.

Treasure Tree Hill


Sometimes life can be overwhelming…okay ALOT.   I could be a big worry wart and make myself sick… but where would I be?  I’d be lost. If I’m lost then how can I be my best? I’ve always had a creative imagination. My best is embracing new ideas even if it means I leave the most comfortable place. The weird AMAZINGNESS is that art gives me comfort.  Ideas excite me and fill my days with pizzazz.

Here’s what I mean. This blogger had an amazing idea to paint trees using artist tape. She painted a winter scene.  I had to try this, only I painted a scene for my book.

Step 1 apply artist tape on paper. This was fun because it’s a new idea!


I had an idea to explore different mixed media techniques. My plan was simple and beautiful. Sure takes the pressure off of learning to draw. I am learning to draw BUT now I’m drawing my way. This feels Sooo much better. As I look at this, I realize that I want a more organic feel.


Step 2. I used a paint brush to paint the background. I was thinking lovely shades of analogous color. David and Goliath showed up. I had two options. I could continue to work or start over. I am after all creative right?  I kept on mixing no matter what. I had his idea to use yellow tempera paint. I applied paint with a dab motion. Oh and I used the contrast technique I learned. I mixed in a little red with green to create contrasting shades. Afer all was said and done, I noted a Big something. I didn’t leave space around the small trees for perspective. I guess this still looks okay. I had painted Treasure Tree Hill…this wonderful place where Dimples tests his flyer because he wants to fly, even though dogs don’t fly.

If a first you don’t succeed try again. I referenced an awesome picture I found online….


but I painted Treasure Tree Hill.

Treasure Tree Hill

I used salt to give the hill texture.  I even painted the lopsided lollipop tree. I need to paint Dimples of course. I’ve sketched him but not sure I want to mess up what I’ve done so far.  I’m so happy with this idea. I want to sell limited edition tree theme art prints. Wonder what my fans think.

Imagine all the impossibilities that are possible!

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thoughts are things

Note To Self


Blue eatercolor heart washes

Dear Mireya,

I just don’t know where to begin. I know there’s plans to post the awesome tree you painted using art tape, but a note to self is much needed. That will happen next week. Yes your idea to create a first children’s chapter book that doubles as an art book is awesome. Can’t wait for next weeks post.

Look I believe in you and your art. Sometimes I have to say you set out to paint something awesome and then bad happens. I get that it’s hard. Keep going and just look at it as a mistake that you can learn from. The day when you FINALLY get it right seems far FAR FAR FAR away.  Get over this and get over yourself. Just paint and write the book you want to write.  So you haven’ t a clue. Then get one! How many times have you drawn letters only to walk away thinking practice isn’t enough. Maybe it’s been the wrong approach the whole time. Maybe you should THINK ABOUT WHAT your awesome at and start with that first.

Blue eatercolor heart washes


Here’s a list: you can write, you can draw simple letters. YOU CAN just don’t even think about the PERFECTION kind because it may not happen. Look you need some orange in your day today and everyday.


KEEP THINGS SIMPLE and just work on projects. Embrace that your hand writing will always be a little messy. What you can’t do is settle and have this terrible attitude that your art isn’t good enough so oh well who cares. Look you painted this on an old piece of watercolor paper. You should have painted it on a blank piece. You were afraid of messing up a perfectly good piece of paper with your mistakes. Stop that. Don’t practice. Paint a masterpiece! You are thinking you don’t know how. You don’t know how to put your book together much less draw the pictures for it.

Just paint. Just write. Just get messy. Through it all, always give your absolute best–the very best you can possibly be! I have a plan. You’ll work on side projects that are all geared toward your book. Each project will include illustrations done with mixed media. This way you’ll have mini projects to help you learn as well as get that book ready. Yes it’s all happening in November. Remember that I love you and I’m your biggest fan.


Imagine all the possibilities.



mixed media painting

Be so good they can’t ignore you.

I remember Pink, the singer, mention this once. What a cool magazine interview! What was it like to climb to the top and succeed…as if there’s some magic formula. Pink answered,”   I knocked on the door so many times that eventually they just had to let me in. Okay so I can’t remember the exact words but I love them. A few days ago I was minding my own business working on some art and listening to a podcast. what happens? I here the words BE SO GOOD THEY CAN’T IGNORE YOU. That’s genius except for one problem. How do I do that? What is good! Good is awesome. Good is like no one  else. Good is kind and respectful.

I must be original and whatever that original is do it with all my heart. Yes,  put ME in every single piece of art. I mean create the art  that wows me and the art that just slaps me in the face leaving me dumbfounded and utterly in love with life.Okay so forget the slap here but it just sounds perfect to describe the moment when something just shockingly warms you, and you just can’t part ways with it!

You look at this idea and this art and feel it because it’s a real story. There’s no explaining why  with rules. I mean… you know that artist who is so cool?  There not even trying to be cool, they just are. Their art is awesome and when you ask them about it,  they say, I just had tons of practice that’s all. They are so good because they have mastered the art of telling their story.

This past holiday  we crafted a Santa cone. Here’s mine.



What’s interesting is, I colored as I know Santa-the traditional Santa.  The problem with this is well,   I looked around the room. I  thought how cool all these Santa’s are! I saw the smiles and the good time we were having in every cone.  I thought of  artists who don’t have the courage to draw as they choose.  Somewhere in these thoughts are what make every awesome story. No matter how crazy or different  our version is, it will be awesome so long as it’s our story. Is this not what fascinates me when I listen to a song I’m obsessed with or a book. Heck Yes!

Each cone is different, but all have character.  An artist’s best work comes the moment he or she learns to let go, and paint with the heart.  I just got through reading about Frida. Her art is amazing! Her life story is right there on every masterpiece. Ask your favorite artist and they will no doubt tell you the same thing.Listen to the origin of their art.

Back to the Santa project…I love how we all used different tools and color. Should have taken a group picture.




Here’s the awesome idea! I have a blank canvas that everyone is dying to see.  I have and awesome story to tell. The projects I’ve been working on are a great way to end this year. Hang in there Myra. You’ve got this! Hold on because your letters are changing and getting way better. Imagine what they’ll look like next year and so on! You have awesome ideas!  Choose to show up everyday. Nothing compares to hands on practice. Keep showing up!

Yes I like my ideas. The ideas that just pop in my head. YES these ideas jut pop in my head but in my mine are years and years of reading and listening. In my head are thousands of ideas that come from the heart. Yes I was born to be an artist!

I’m going to relax and take a vacation. On my vacation I’ll think about the top 10 ideas that have made a difference this year. Maybe I’ll make a video about it and share it with my friends.  I’m making a list and checking it twice for new ideas to try. I can’t wait to fill up my diary with all of them.I’ll  be back Jan. 6th.

Merry Christmas!

-there are no impossibilities


mixed media painting

Try New Tools?

Funny story. As I was painting this and blowing away at the paint to create hay hands, feet and hair for my scarecrow,  I had watchers laughing at me. I thought about this and yes it does look funny as I’m doing it. I had such a fun time doing this.

This is a a work in progress. Not sure what quote to add here. I was thinking about how a scarecrow just stands there and doesn’t say or do much. BUT scarecrows have a big job and they do it well.

I painted color of cheer, happy and just friendship.


Well that’s it for now. I am working on much more. See you next week! Try using a straw and create something. I have used a straw to paint a scarecrow and  a sun. What else can I create?  Let me think on it for a while.

-there are no impossibilities




mixed media painting

Day 9 – Light

2 and 3 Immediately I thought of what makes me feel light as a feather , as in carefree, and here we go. The simple things can bring the most joy! Pick a little something like coffee or your lipstick and create a quote or picture.

I am working on this painting so stay tuned.

See you tomorrow!