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The learning of a curious artist

Feel Love


Sometimes it feels like there’s so much art and not enough time. I said this before. I realize that some art interests me far more than other art. Guess it’s the story and technique I’m after. Gold Leaf in Mesopotamian art! I want to enjoy art. So I’m reading a little on each piece. If it’s a piece that has my attention, I’ll take a closer look.

I was in a book store the other day. I found a table filled with $5 books. The one filled with fairy tales called me. Yes  magical worlds and motifs.   Sounds like good inspiration for my quotes and poems. There’s something about a world  be it fairy tale or Hogwarts that’s incredible.  I love Hogwarts and the whole good versus evil. I went with the complete plays of William Shakespeare. I love the times of kings, queens and horse carriages. I want to finish reading King Lear and it’ll be better reading.

I got back to the quick draw or 5 minute draw. I love not knowing what will happen or what the piece will look like. I get an idea and go with it. In the end I may have a layout that looked better in my mind BUT, hey it’s practice. It’s going from fear to freedom.

Helping Others

The house is quiet now–good. I guess all books and draws just help me learn in a non- judgemental I can lose myself know thyself kind of way.  Wait… I need to make sure that I keep creating because that’s the best way to learn. I think next will be a great time to look at my old work and choose some favorites…

THINK of all the impossibilities that are possible.



mixed media painting

That was then…

This is now!



I love the color scheme and the butterfly. I love the idea of the dandelions too.  I like the layout much better  and the color scheme is beautiful….BUT its not the astonishment I hope for.

I imagine this girl or boy having the biggest smile and the warm sun with a breeze…how I love a dandelion wish.

Originally I had the quote…


After the Pete Pan book of course. I do love the letters and the bird. So I clearly have much more practice ahead of me. Why am I showing you my work? However humble my work is right now, its my work and I am proud of it. I want to make friends and share my love of what I do and that’s it.   My art really does remind me of growing and I hope it does for you too.


Starting Wednesday  I will begin a letter a day challenge. I am so excited! Let’s draw letters together!