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Simplicity (Daily Prompt)


The word means easy and so how can I make my art and life easy.  I  just draw with the heart of an adventurous kid.. An adventurous kid isn’t scared or lonely. They just wan to to get out there and find the treasure or fly to the moon in a cardboard box. The best art and the best life happens when we simply let things be. This doesn’t mean just say who cares to everything.. It doesn’t mean you stop working hard. All it means is you simply love and in doing that it will be okay to give your bet and really feel you gave your best.  If you are going to succeed in life you have to believe this way…you have to just simple be in whatever you choose to do-no pressure.

If I just draw from that kid like place and KEEP DRAWING…I will simply develop the be the artist I am  because I am aren’t I.

Some of my ideas that SIMPLY happened….this post simply happened and thank you!






mixed media painting

Spring is Here!

Okay so I love spring time. It is a time to skip in the sun and just do nothing. I love being outside. Nature and all its flowers and animals are wonderful.

Tomorrow we kick off our Spring Challenge. I will post at 5: 30 AM every day for the next 30  days. You can share your designs at  #springjournal  on Instagram.


On Sunday I like to do a little reflection.  I noticed that practically an entire Kindergarten class drew stick figures exactly the same: triangle mid body and curved up hair.




I took notice and thought wow this is adorable. Then I  looked at other pictures and that’s when it hit me.  Why is everyone drawing the same.? Who are the follower and the cute kid who thought of this first?  Can  it be that children are growing up even earlier than ever before?  My point is that it was so interesting when  I thought it was unique but became boring when everyone else did it.


As I write this I am reminded of  not buying the blouse I loved because of what someone said about the color. Guess what I will be buying the next time I go?

I encourage us to play and have fun! Create your art and tell your story! It has to be different because its your story. Ti means you have to stand out and yeah it can be scary  but so is being a follower.

This is my design and a preview of an old design I will repaint


See you tomorrow!

You are never too old to play.




mixed media painting

Part of success means you have to…

step out of your comfort zone. So I started a challenge-two really. One is a 30 day art challenge and the other was to teach a class. I did both and am proud of my work.


Remember the book project I have been working on. This is a character. I wanted her wings to resemble hearts. I am experimenting with adding hearts in small ways to my art and lettering.


I love this idea and will redraw it with brighter colors and change the layout.


These are just a few of my entries. To see more of my entries and to start your own 30-day art journal please follow this link to my class http://skl.sh/1LTtzcC

mixed media painting

A work in progress….

If at first you don’t succeed keep on trying and try again. One of two things will happen:You will eventually succeed or your crazy journey will be the very thing to help you discover what you really should be doing.

These are a couple of ideas I am playing around with.

0524151857  0525151801a 0525151802

mixed media painting

So I just took this test and…

... test. The new findings reveal some pretty alarming statistics

I have learned something.

My three strengths are Attitude, Thinker and Teamwork.

These make so much sense. I do start out with a good attitude and think about my actions and just daydream about life and purpose and life…. and if I am in a competition truth be told I would love for both of us to share the prize. I want to win the prize but feel sad if the other person looses.

My weaknesses are Goals, Initiative and Mentoring

Yes I have a hard time executing my thoughts and my ideas on goals. O do have goals and have done pretty good achieving them but still need lots of work. I have a hard time organizing my to-do list into effective goals. I don’t put myself out there as much as I should. Oh and I always dream of mentoring and helping others more and sometimes don’t know how to…does that make sense.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

mixed media painting

Watercoloring is My Passion!

This is an educational crayola set and oh my look at the colors! Wow if I can do this with a kids palette then imagine what I can do with professional watercolors.

I was playing around with colors and I love these colors. I painted the words based on what I was feeling and peace mean to me. I feel most peaceful when I am walking my dog and just taking everything in and I love it.   0318151148 0318151203 0315151435a       finger painting….so much fun and took me back my childhood days… I was guest teaching today and just couldn’t help myself so I borrowed a little bit of paint…. I saw all of these palettes of different kinds and I felt like a kid in a candy store…yes I think I found my purpose and god given talent. P.S. I drew the letters with a brush and finger painted the tree with some cheap paint I had at home.

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