mixed media painting



I am proud of this work and feeling comfortable as an artist.

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mixed media painting

Be Your Own Author

0602150805I have been spending time simply drawing and having fun. You will see more of this in an effort to step out of my comfort zone and explore all the ideas I have in my head. What are you going to draw? do?

mixed media painting

Let’s Explore

I have big dreams for this blog and yes still working on my painting, lettering and redoing this site including these terrible pictures. I will get it right. Watch me!

mixed media painting

Ever feel fear or lost and then….

you go for a walk and suddenly everything makes sense and you feel a sense of comfort and hope. Maybe it brings back your imagination and you feel a sense of connection…

Here is my latest work. Just drafts and what I felt inspired to draw and paint given that days walk.

0324151420 0406151758 0406151759

mixed media painting

Lemonade Talk….

I listened to a podcast this morning and it echoed the words that I have been feeling in my heart. Just continue painting, hand lettering and allow my own style and character emerge…here is my latest work



0311151456 0311151456a

passage from my book…

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Have a great weekend!

mixed media painting

New Artwork…..


This is one of my hand lettered drawings that I thinking of selling in my shop. I love the colors and just wanted to capture the essence of what it means to be a kid. It is wonderful to enjoy to enjoy life’s simple pleasures no matter how young or “young” we are.

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