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Painting with melted crayon

The best part of painting with melted crayons is you have to work super fast! There’s no time to think. You have to paint and PAINT before the crayons dry up. I planned everything out before I melted the crayons.  There’d be two projects. I’d paint a tree and a quote. I love this idea of painting with melted crayons and wish I could work fast enough to write a quote- but that didn’t go to well. It sure was fun exploring! The other project…well a tree for the wise trees book!

Choose color


Melt the crayons and work fast.

The green melted great! The pink well not so great. Guess that means it’s time to toss these crayons. Oh but I DO HAVE AN IDEA FOR THE WHITE CRAYONS AND COME TO THINK OF IT A floral design I want to redo!



So glad I used paint brush soap to coat my brushes before I painted with them. I don’t know. I simply painted because I new I had to work fast.  A texture I came across on Instagram entered my mind as I kept painting. Or did I paint and realize I’d seem this before? Hope this is one of those steal like an artist moments.  Yes.  And I love this BOOK too!  This was so awesome! Doesn’t look much like a tree but in my mind it’s a beautiful sideways tree. I did see it once!


Here it is and I love it! For sure going to include this in my trees book.




Oh right I will be spending this weekend getting the pictures ready. Can’t wait to add this to my threadless shop but first I will clean it up.

Imagine all the impossibilities that are possible.




mixed media painting

Day 10 – Nature


Okay what letter do you think this is? Maybe  I can feature a new section on my blog with the guess this letter game? I love nature and I just had this idea – here it is! Take something you love use it to create a letter or a word.


Some ideas: Use coffee to paint a picture. I have seen it done with abstract art. You can take an old lipstick or get a wet n wild and use it to create a letter. Just try something and have fun!

mixed media painting

Spring Flower Watercoloring….

Lately I been loving nature and come to think of it I feel this way every spring. Everything has a purpose and a place in nature…just like me.  Makes feel rethink this silly little word called fear. I have revised my book and it has this theme. I will be posting more on my book progress.  0409151713