mixed media painting

BUT what if….

I waste my supplies because I don’t know how to paint—like I expect myself to. What if I want to fill this awesome $12 watercolor notebook with only the best. I could sell these? They could be ready to scan awesome art work.  What if …WHAT IF…that’s how I feel these days. I catch myself doing this ALOT and it BUGS me.

Here’s what I mean:

I painted this and ran into problems. The scary part is that I almost found myself in the pits of darkness and the awful place of despair–BUT I refuse to enter.


A few days later I redrew and pained how I felt. I used different tones of blue. Yes blue is the color of faith, serenity, wisdom, calmness, universal and so much more.  I expected the brown to be lighter but the color’s growing on me.

IMAG0282[1]As I thought of all this, I listened to some powerful words. Make a mess. Messes lead to unexpected awesomeness. Command the respect you want with your art and don’t settle for less. Thank you  James Victore and  Unmistakable Creative.

To make your dreams happen you have to have two elements: absolute confidence and be transparent with people. Where there is doubt there is no confidence. Interesting how at the very moment, I ponder life and self worth I come across these powerful words. I love when this happens! Slowly but EXCITINGLY I am working on my book.

Imagine all the impossibilities that are possible!




mixed media painting

Fully Painted


Tools: watercolor paint and a little acrylic for the mistakes I made

Thoughts: Gosh I realize that you have to take your time and there’s so much to just painting.

Do I want to be an impressionist and focus on painting what I see and more importantly what’ s in my heart? Yes I really like this approach.  I love color and I do like the color I came up with here. Bubbles need work.

Yes I wasn’t so happy with the bubbles and…


I think I like these colors more


but with this layout


Ever feel like you are lost because you just thought way too much…

-See you next time!

P.S. I have something fun to share.



mixed media painting

That was then…

This is now!



I love the color scheme and the butterfly. I love the idea of the dandelions too.  I like the layout much better  and the color scheme is beautiful….BUT its not the astonishment I hope for.

I imagine this girl or boy having the biggest smile and the warm sun with a breeze…how I love a dandelion wish.

Originally I had the quote…


After the Pete Pan book of course. I do love the letters and the bird. So I clearly have much more practice ahead of me. Why am I showing you my work? However humble my work is right now, its my work and I am proud of it. I want to make friends and share my love of what I do and that’s it.   My art really does remind me of growing and I hope it does for you too.


Starting Wednesday  I will begin a letter a day challenge. I am so excited! Let’s draw letters together!

mixed media painting

Its an exciting but scary time…

when you have the whole world waiting to see what you will do. I  feel excited for all the kids who have graduated and will move to a new class with a new teacher or mo to a new place. Oh yes it stings to leave behind the friends you made and the places you are used too….even that routine “stuff” isn’t so boring.

Well now that you are you one step closer to you dreams  you are one year further from being that kid you used to be.

Oh but it’s  amazing to think of the unknown and not have all the answers. I mean who cares if you don’t know how to play. What matters is that you get to be in the game! What matters is that you smile, laugh and keep on keeping on.

I have posted a class and a few days ago and was nervous about it . I don’t have too many positive reviews and I understand. I mean yeah it’s not the professional video class you would expect. But who cares…because I created it with love and it would be nice if just one person can benefit from it. Oh my she has and I love it!!

I just have to explore and be open about all of my art no matter what someone might say. I have to get out of my comfort zone and how else will I improve.

Oh its the crayon that just makes me smile!


I don’t care about the reviews because I am on a journey and no journey is perfect.

  • This week I will be taking a sabbatical and working on a new  30 day journal.
  • Its the entire alphabet  and practicing one letter a day with a different tool.  (Coming in two weeks)
  • I will be working on my picture book. I am almost done with the manuscript.
  • I will also be drawing an object every day
  • I will draw outside more

So that’s it my summer plans. In July I will  be doing another art summer theme challenge.

Bye for now!


mixed media painting

A little Late But Its Great…

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss! I am late but my favorite books are so many.  Oh gosh here are some clues. Oh that Sam I am, Horton’s Big heart, and all the places we’ll go…

I love these books and they always make me laugh and smile. Oh yeah! I wanted to paint something that express my love for books. I also wanted to practice design elements! Here we go!


Oh one more thing – you know I thought it would be fun to look at Dr. Suess and go behind the scenes of his great books. Will do this next week!

See you soon!


mixed media painting

Flowers Are My Friends…


I am working on painting what I feel and I had come from a walk with my dog and just loving life.

I will be painting it a few times more.

mixed media painting

Another Project




-need a smaller round brush

-work on mixing colors to get the teal color I wanted

-arrange the flourishes

-scallop border needs to be straighter

I learning

mixed media painting

Happy Earth Day!

I drew this and starting painting it  in the summer and today seems like the right time to let the world see it. I am proud of this design and this is what I want to sell in my shop and its just that I didn’t bother finishing it because how would I digitize it. I have since learned that I need to draw more…paint more..write more.   I love nature and yeah why not embed this love in my art. This was just the practice I need.

If you like this art please keep in mind that I will be launching an etsy business. This is the type of art I will be selling. If you are interested and want to see what else I create please click that like button and subscribe. I have more art that I will be posting and an exciting update on my book. 0422151433

mixed media painting

Spring Flower Watercoloring….

Lately I been loving nature and come to think of it I feel this way every spring. Everything has a purpose and a place in nature…just like me.  Makes feel rethink this silly little word called fear. I have revised my book and it has this theme. I will be posting more on my book progress.  0409151713

mixed media painting

First Practice At Flourishes…

I painted this in a great mood. I was carefree and loving all the beauty that exists in nature.   It is the simple things like nature that always keep me grounded. I love Easter. Easter is a time of renewal, new beginnings.

Speaking of new beginnings, I was having fun mixing colors. I love using my watercolor pencils. Yes these are pencils. I draw the design first with a light pencil and sketch out shapes until I have my desired drawing. Then I dab a small round paintbrush in water. Next I dab the brush on paper or my hand just to feel the amount of water and leave just enough to get beautiful color. Then I paint away and here you are.

As always every like is a vote of confidence. Thank you! What are you working on? Oh an idea just came to me. I was thinking about how wonderful it would be to post some of my favorite art, crafts, and designs here on my blog. I’ll add those to my pinterest board. I may be contacting some of you for permission to include you on my site. Yes, I must give this idea some thought!