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Wise Trees Indeed

Wise trees book

So I didn’t make my Read Across America deadline BUT I was sick and still am. I am slowly recovering and something AMAZING happened. After a long LONG  week I got out my paint brushes and painted. With each stroke I felt this charge and painted an awesome tree.

Tree Notes:

  • observe a tree
  • wait a few days and recreate it from memory
  • use the shape of size 10 brush to create the leaf shapes
  • using brown and yellow watercolor for the trunk makes the perfect brown
  • use tempera paint and add the paint in layers going from light to dark

Afterward I reflected on how I felt and literally jumped up like a kid who’s just been told he’s going to Disneyland  That’s how I know that I can’t give this art up. Art is in my blood. It just is. I can’t believe how easy it was to create this beautiful tree. Four trees to go, and I will be ready to scan all of them and start putting the book together . There I go again with a smile.  I see every page and with a deep breath and a smile I know it’s going to be awesome!

Imagine all the impossibilities that are possible.

mixed media painting

Imagine the Possibilities


I went to the festival and It was so amazing to see so many artists. As I looked at all of the colors, shapes and textures I giggle smiled. What’s a giggle smile you may ask? Ever see a kid  walking along and all of a sudden see a giant gumball machine. With a smile and giggle they want a quarter and are itching to turn the knob!

I have and I was that kid too.

I had to draw it. I drew this quick but its an idea!


You have to imagine and dream like Walt Disney. You have to explore what makes you giggle smile. It sounds silly but so true.  The more you explore you realize that everything and anything is possible. This is true with education and art. Then I started thinking about last week’s influence map.

How can I create art with my style and tell my story?  I now understand that the point of these awesome characters like Amelia Bedelia and Pippi Longstocking is to JUST BE, relax, have fun and play.  Plus I can surround myself with what I love and that will somehow indirectly show itself in my art. Yes I can reference  Pippi isms like her love for the word spunk. I much rather capture  the spirit, curiosity, spirit and individuality that she is. Why? Pippi and Amelia remind me of growing up.  Plus everything is best done with love.

Here is one idea!


Right now I am loving art.  This idea is a fun way to say follow your purpose and you just know when you know that something like your dream is meant to be right?   I am ready world and you better be ready too! I am giggle smiling.

What about the design elements I have been learning? Oh these have given me tons of possibilities too.

I have been able to go from this


to this



Imagination helps you push past the impossibles and keep learning and discovering.

You are going to see lots more projects and lots more exploring. You work on your projects too and share them.

Oh in case you are wondering I have changed my posting schedule to Saturday. Coming August 18th I will start working on back to school lettering projects. If you are interested then be sure to like this post.

Now if only I could take better pictures.


See you soon!





mixed media painting

Letter U

Tools: Tombow Marker , any paper I can find and micon

Thoughts: Love this color and just wanted a fun idea!


I drew and letters and one letter was slightly bigger and and then I thought balloons.

mixed media painting

Letter T

Tools: sketch pencil but practiced Fauxlligraphy

Thoughts: I love this and had no idea that there is a term for it. I just practice brush lettering with a pencil to learn the thicks and thins of creating a letter.


0615161651a[1]This was for a class project.

mixed media painting

Letter N

Yoobi  tricolored pencil

Thoughts:  I love block letters, but I said this already. I love nature and mixing color with watercolor paint to get the same texture.

I like the little bird in the nest….it was just the first thing that popped in my head as I was drawing.


mixed media painting

Letter M

Tool:  sketching pencil  ( writes very light so I had to go over the letters)

I love playing with the word and creating objects within the letters



I just love block letters.

mixed media painting

Letter L

Tool:  Just a regular pencil ( but I drew in a public place)

Thoughts: I love hearts and I love block letters. Of course the letter L inspires me to draw the word love.


mixed media painting

Letter J


Tool: no.
just an old basic purple pen

Thoughts: I like the word jot and the word joy….oh I love block letters. Long practice is paying off.


mixed media painting

Letter H

Tool: watercolor Crayola (Purple and Mixing )

Thoughts: I love this deep shade of purple….mix a little black and oh man its awesome!


Oh look at that bubble letter! I just love them!!

mixed media painting

Letter F

Tool: Scented Marker

Thoughts: I was thinking fox and fish of course.  I  messed up on a few of them but who’s asking.